Ucom Armenia improves 4G customer experience with Astellia


Astellia, a provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators has been awarded a 4G network monitoring deal by Ucom Armenia to help them guarantee the fastest 4G services in Armenia.

Astellia will help Ucom solve technical issues they might face when deploying their LTE services, guarantee top 4G user experience from day one, ensure smooth network expansion and rapid return on investments.

Astellia’s Nova 4G monitoring solution will empower Ucom to optimize their 4G network in real-time and guarantee excellent voice and data service right from service launch.

“Our decision to rely on Astellia was driven by our long-standing and strong partnership. We are confident that with Astellia by our side our customers will benefit from top quality 4G services.” confirmed Hayk Yesayan, Chief Executive Officer at Ucom.

“The contract is a continuation of Astellia’s successful monitoring of Ucom’s 2G and 3G networks. Astellia salutes Ucom’s commitment to customer satisfaction and will continue to provide Ucom with a true end-to-end vision of the customer experience across different network technologies.” said Sebastien Schultz, Managing Director Europe at Astellia.

Ucom was the first to introduce the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solution to the Armenian consumers, which ensures provision of high-quality IPTV, broadband internet and digital phone services.

Recognizing the potential of the Armenian telecommunication market, Ucom has become the largest wholesale operator in Armenia, thanks to own fiber-optic link connecting Armenia and Georgia. This enabled the company to provide transit internet services to Near East countries, thus ensuring the importance of Armenian telecommunication market in the region.

Catching up with the trends of global telecommunication market, in 2013 the company received a license for provision of public mobile broadband internet services, and in 2015 acquired 100% shares of Orange Armenia, thus expanding its operation to the Armenian mobile market.

This expansion prepared basis for implementation of the fastest 4G network in Armenia, which meets the best international standards, as well as replenish company’s convergent services, with “4 in 1” package, providing customers with the access to a full range of IPTV, fixed and mobile voice and internet services.