TV4 Media Bringing FIFA World Cup 2026 for Viewers in Sweden, Finland

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Telia-owned TV4 Media has secured the television rights for the FIFA World Cup 2026 for TV4 in Sweden together with SVT, and for MTV and C More in Finland together with YLE.

Earlier this fall, the rights to the European Football Championships 2024 and 2028 were secured and now TV4 is proud to announce that it has, together with Swedish public broadcaster SVT, secured the rights to the FIFA World Cup 2026, which will take place in USA, Canada and Mexico.

TV4 Media has also secured the rights to the FIFA World Cup 2026 for MTV and C More for Finland, in a first-ever partnership with public broadcaster YLE.

“Football championships have the unique ability to bring together huge audiences. We’re very proud to now be able to show all of the most important men’s football championships on our services until 2028,” says Casten Almqvist, CEO of TV4 Media.

The FIFA World Cup is the largest and most widely viewed sports event in the world and in Sweden it has been strongly associated with TV4 for the past 20 years – and will continue to be broadcast on TV4 for yet another round. In Finland, it was the first time that MTV and YLE jointly acquired the TV rights to a major sports event.

“Major football championships have been part of TV4’s DNA since the FIFA World Cup 1998. It’s fantastic to be able to offer as many as five major football championships over the next eight years,” says Casten Almqvist.

World class sports on TV

Sport is an attractive part of the total offering of TV4, C More and MTV and there is a strong interest in both international and national sports among customers and users. In addition to the FIFA World Cup, the broadcasters also show other world class football and have secured exclusive rights to Sweden’s best hockey league, SHL, and Finland’s best hockey league, Liiga.