Turkey’s Grid Telekom Selects Flexiant cloud orchestration platform


Turkish telco, Grid Telekom, has selected Flexiant to deliver a cloud orchestration platform to enable self-service provisioning. The appointment marks Flexiant’s first customer in Turkey.

With over 20 years of experience, Grid Telekom is one of Turkey’s leading telecommunication companies. To offer its cloud services, the telco needed to move away from its manual process to provide a self-service platform.

Khalid Ahmed, Grid Telekom said, “We needed a cloud orchestration solution so we investigated Flexiant, InContinuum and VMUnify. We chose Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator because of its ease of use and feature set.”

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a mature, reliable and feature-rich software platform for cloud management. Software features include its flexible self-service, multi-tenancy, metering and billing capabilities, support for multi-hypervisors, multi-tiered storage and scalable architecture.

“Flexiant’s user interface and control panel was straightforward giving us exactly the self-service capabilities we required,” continued Khalid Ahmed, Grid Telekom.

Grid Telekom will use Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to launch a new cloud solution aimed at SME organizations in the Turkish region.

George Knox, CEO, Flexiant said, “Telcos have many advantages when it comes to delivering cloud services from owning the network, data centers, scale and the extensive experience metering and billing for services delivered. Existing capability is only part of the requirement for success. Cloud orchestration solutions that remove the manual burden of provisioning are the second critical component. Flexiant gives Grid Telekom the capabilities needed for the Turkish telco to continue its impressive growth.”

Grid Telekom will launch its new service this spring.