Turkey’s AirTies Presents Real-Time WiFi Monitoring Solution


Turkey based, AirTies Wireless Networks, a supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, will be demonstrating a new version of its ‘Mesh’ wireless routing technology at IBC in Hall 5 Stand B33 in Amsterdam from the 12th-16th September 2014. 

The latest version of the innovative Wi-Fi Mesh Technology will allow both operators and consumers to monitor the range and strength of Wi-Fi signals in real time.

AirTies is unveiling its iPad application that illustrates all wireless connections locally, how packets are dynamically routed between Mesh AP’s, as well as the performance and signal strength over each wireless link. Complementary to this, each AirTies device can now collect and transmit statistical data to a cloud system which will soon enable operators to remotely monitor the Wi-Fi performance of their deployments.

AirTies’ ‘Mesh’ technology addresses the problems of poor Wi-Fi coverage and low quality of video streaming in the connected home.  Unlike traditional Wi-Fi where a single AP (access point) is embedded in the Gateway/Router, AirTies deploys multiple APs that intelligently route the packets along the best path.

AirTies Mesh offers flawless coverage over multiple floors and between rooms without incurring performance losses from low capability mobile devices (bad apple phenomena). Its patented dynamic channel changing feature monitors the environment for potential interference or radar and intelligently selects the best channel to provide the optimal video quality throughout the home.

According to Bulent Celebi, Chairman and co-Founder of AirTies: “Many operators are still struggling to deliver high quality video over wireless throughout the home and consumer complaints about not getting the internet speed they are paying for.  They focus on bringing Gigabit speeds to the Gateway but are unable to maintain the quality, performance and coverage uniformly around the home.  When a consumer complains they do not have the visibility to diagnose the problem. This new monitoring capability allows users and operators alike to monitor graphically the quality, performance and coverage of their wireless network like never before.”