Turkcell boosts indoor mobile coverage with NEC small cells


Turkcell – Turkey’s largest mobile operator – is trialing NEC’s indoor small cell solutions for the residential and enterprise markets to help customers overcome the challenges of using their mobiles indoors due to the signal blocking properties of the stone, concrete, steel and tinted glass used to construct many buildings. In parallel, Turkcell has initiated trials of NEC’s outdoor small cell solutions to help boost network capacity to keep pace with mobile data demand.

NEC’s residential femtocell access points are the size of a modem and self-configure to support up to 8 mobile phones simultaneously with a range of 40 meters. Beside residential femtocells, NEC is also introducing compact enterprise femtocell access points, which can connect 16 mobile phones simultaneously with a range of 100 meters.

Complementing this, the innovative Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) solution from NEC and SpiderCloud is designed to provide multimode 3G and LTE connectivity for many thousands of employees in large enterprises using the existing Ethernet infrastructure. Turkcell is also testing NEC’s gateway which aggregates the indoor small cell networks into a standardized lu interface connected into the mobile core network to streamline deployment and management activities.

E-RAN avoids the expense and lengthy disruption of coaxial cable installation works and specialist indoor radio planning associated with competing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). As E-RAN does not need dedicated air-conditioning units, it uses a fraction of the power of DAS helping to significantly reduce operating costs.

Hironobu Kurosaki, Managing Director at NEC Telecommunication and Information Technology (NEC Turkey), said, “NEC has been a frontrunner in the small cell market for many years. Our award-winning femtocells are used in many parts of the world and we’re playing a leading role with SpiderCloud Wireless in bringing a revolutionary new E-RAN solution onto the market which not only reduces mobile operator churn in the valuable enterprise segment, but provides new revenue streams from value-added services such as IP-PBX integration, BYOD management and in-building location-based applications.”

To date 28 operators in 17 countries use NEC’s residential femtocell solution and its E-RAN installed base is rapidly growing too.

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