Türk Telekom Taps ADVA to upgrade its synchronization network

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ADVA has announced that Türk Telekom has deployed its Oscilloquartz network timing technology, bringing accurate, robust frequency synchronization to its national transport network.

The compact and flexible OSA 3230B Series cesium clocks enable high levels of frequency stability across Türk Telekom’s timing and sync network and their extended holdover performance protects against GNSS outages. The solution was implemented by ADVA and Türk Telekom’s partner Netaş, which will also provide continuous maintenance and support.

“The ADVA OSA 3230B Series maximizes the synchronization performance and continuity of our transmission network. It empowers us to optimize availability and deliver even more value to our customers,” said Yusuf Kıraç, CTO, Türk Telekom. “Accurate frequency and stable timing have become essential. Our residential and mobile customers will be demanding more access to streaming and gaming applications and enterprises across Turkey and will be looking to leverage long-distance collaborative tools. That will require precise and stable frequency and timing information at all times. With the OSA 3230B Series delivering vital immunity against loss of satellite signal, we can meet strict accuracy and stability needs.”

“With the OSA 3230B Series delivering vital immunity against loss of satellite signal, we can meet strict accuracy and stability needs.”
Yusuf Kıraç, CTO, Türk Telekom

The OSA 3230B Series of compact, autonomous and self-contained cesium primary reference clocks provides an extremely precise atomic frequency standard. Despite its small footprint, the device offers a highly stable reference with minimal frequency drift. When it comes to frequency generation, the OSA 3230B Series performs better than the stringent stipulations laid out by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), with accuracy 10 times above ITU-T G.811 recommendations. By harnessing the OSA 3230B Series, Türk Telekom is protecting its investments and taking a key step in the evolution of its network towards 5G.

“With intentional GNSS impairments such as spoofing and jamming on the increase, as well as the threat of unintentional disturbances, it’s vital for decision-makers of mission-critical infrastructure to mitigate against GNSS vulnerabilities. Our OSA 3230B Series provides Türk Telekom with a primary reference clock that enables it to operate a highly accurate and stable time and frequency sync network resistant to GNSS outages,” commented Jörg Urban, senior director, business development, Oscilloquartz, ADVA. “Together with our business partner Netaş, we’ve worked closely to achieve true synergy with Türk Telekom. Our teams share a drive to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations. With the support of our engineers and our comprehensive technology portfolio, we’ll be able to meet their frequency and timing requirements for many years to come.”