Türk Telekom Picks Netsia to Enable ONF’s SEBA Architecture

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Netsia Inc. (Netsia) and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) have announced their latest carrier deployment of software defined networking with Türk Telekom, Turkey’s world-class, first and largest integrated telecom operator.

With Netsia Broadband Suite (Netsia BB Suite) implementation, the ONF, Türk Telekom and Netsia are continuing to expand a disaggregated fixed broadband access network based on the SDN-Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) reference architecture throughout Turkey.

The open disaggregated SEBA architecture lets operators choose components from different vendors, giving them choice and flexibility over the lifetime of the deployment. This results in significant savings, added flexibility, avoidance of lock-in and a better overall experience for the customer.

Netsia, a Türk Telekom company and one of the key contributors to ONF’s SEBA/VOLTHA platform, offers its BB Suite with carrier grade capabilities. BB Suite is a telco-grade solution for broadband access that is being rolled out by Türk Telekom that will extend to a million households across Turkey. Netsia’s field-proven access technology comes with end-to-end life cycle management of access network devices. It enables multi-vendor rollout of fixed access network capabilities, and through software defined network capabilities it allows services to be deployed, capacities to be allocated/reallocated and problems to be addressed rapidly.

After 18 months of small-scale production network trials, Netsia is now operating Türk Telekom’s virtual broadband access network as a new platform with full backend integration, including OSS/BSS. In addition to impressive download speeds, the network features support for multimedia services – which the pandemic has shown us are critical for several use cases such as remote education and work from home. Furthermore, by the virtualization technology, Türk Telekom has prepared its fiber infrastructure for the upcoming requirements of 5G networks.

This announcement represents another major milestone for the commercialization of ONF’s SEBA and VOLTHA, ensuring that operators are now empowered with a choice of robust and scalable solutions for deploying open disaggregated broadband PON solutions.

“I am excited to see Türk Telekom expand its commercial software defined access network with SEBA architected Netsia Broadband Suite, to support a million households while benefiting from lowered operational cost and complexity as exemplified by SEBA. We congratulate Türk Telekom and Netsia as they have strived for excellence throughout the project and truly delivered on the promise of a next-generation broadband access network,” explained, Guru Parulkar, Executive Director for the ONF.

“Today, Türk Telekom became a technology developer instead of being just a consumer by its subsidiaries. With Netsia and the ONF ecosystem, we have developed a new platform called SEBA, which adds intelligence to Türk Telekom access network and virtualizes it. At a time when capacity and speed is paramount for subscribers, SEBA technology will play a key role in the fiber infrastructures for Turk Telekom and other operators globally. At Turk Telekom, we wanted to commercially use SEBA because it lets us shorten time to market of new services and avoid vendor lock-in, and because of this, we encouraged and guided Netsia towards this goal. Expanding Netsia BB Suite for one million households is just a humble milestone in our vision for the future. The project has improved the user experience for learning, work and entertainment, benefiting thousands of customers in their day-to-day lives,” commented, Yusuf Kıraç, CTO at Türk Telekom.

“We are proud to be a part of this very exciting time as we collectively open long-shut doors in the PON access network to innovation and collaboration with the use of open source. As an active player in the open access network community, we are proud to present our Broadband Suite, ONF SEBA architecture based, carrier grade, disaggregated, virtualized broadband management solution. We would like to thank ONF for bringing the community together and leading the change, and to Turk Telekom for sharing the same vision and trusting us in such a critical component of their access network,” said, Bülent Kaytaz, CEO at Netsia.