TTBS SIP Trunk solutions offer enterprise grade connectivity to SMBs


Tata Tele Business Services – TTBS SIP Trunk solutions are offering enterprise grade connectivity and solutions directed towards the SMB segment

In this current pandemic situation, advanced connectivity solutions are helping the enterprises add stability to their businesses. Companies are looking for one stop solution to meet their communication needs of data, voice, video conferencing etc. to maintain business continuity.

As demand for cloud-based unified communications continues to soar, SIP Trunk (Internet-based voice calls) is becoming a critical tool for businesses to ensure seamless communication.

Being a pioneer and leading provider of SIP Trunk Technology, Tata Tele Business services (TTBS), currently holds more than 50% market share (as per Frost & Sullivan FY19 report). The SIP Trunk service offers best in class IP-based) voice solution. It replaces the traditional multiple fixed PSTN (public switched telephone network) lines with a single physical link that can support up to 1500 simultaneous calls, hence reducing the cost.

This voice service by TTBS transcends all business requirements and cater to businesses across all industry verticals from ITES, BFSI and BPO to Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, EdTech, E-commerce etc.

Commenting on the SIP Trunk services, Joyjeet Bose, Senior Vice President , Tata Tele Business Services said, “The post-COVID world will see demand for advanced unified communications continue to soar with SIP Trunk becoming a critical tool for businesses looking for best in class voice services backed by seamless bandwidth connectivity. TTBS SIP Trunk services help enterprises with enhanced team collaboration and infrastructure optimization, improved customer reach and experience, and earn better returns on investment. Our deep customer engagement and product innovation makes it possible for us to address evolving ICT requirements of our customers and help them Do Big.”

With the industry first SLA backed SIP Trunk solutions by TTBS, enterprises can overcome issues related to scalability, maintenance and convergence. These service reduces the cost of multiple lines and hardware requirements for multiple PRI (Primary Rate Index) ports. This innovative, best in class SIP Trunk Services by TTBS has also won industry awards and offers easy integration with other IP technology platforms.

As the fastest growing telecom operator in India on SIP Services, TTBS has recently crossed 2 Lakh SIP channels base and this is owed to following key USPs.


The biggest advantage of TTBS SIP Trunk is the capacity of scaling up to 1500 channels on a single physical trunk as opposed to multiple physical installations which may be required in an analogue technology upgrade. In addition to this, the Channel on Demand (COD) feature (Industry First) has been a great comfort for its SIP customers especially in the current scenario of remote working. It enables the existing customer to increase or decrease the channel capacity as per their existing business needs. They can upgrade the capacity for a shorter duration (as low as 30 days) instead of going in for a permanent upgrade and this may automatically get downgraded to the original capacity after the pre-denoted period.


TTBS is the only service provider which offers 99.5% SLA on voice with a fibre last mile. It allows the customers to ensure business continuity without worrying on their connectivity. In the present competitive and challenging market, enterprises want to ensure 24*7 connectivity with their customers and employees. TTBS offers enterprises this confidence and ensures SLA on their voice connectivity.

Business Continuity

TTBS offers an auto failover feature as an add-on product which ensures business continuity for voice dependent entities by providing two last miles to ensure switch over of traffic to secondary last mile automatically in case the primary one fails. This is another vital feature which has been an immense confidence booster for enterprises during these times.

Cost Saving, Quick and Convergence

SIP Trunk services require limited infrastructure investment which enables customers to save huge amount on repeated operating expense costs required for every upgrade for PRI (Primary Rate Interface). The SIP call establishment time is at least 30% faster than traditional PRI connections enabling the customers ease and speed of business. Being an IP Based platform, it offers the client of being future ready to converge all their services to the cloud.

IP PBX Bundling

TTBS offers bundling of IP PBX without incurring of CAPEX from SMBs who want to adopt the latest IP technology and plan to expand in future.

The new normal has made it imperative for enterprises to be digitally agile to communicate and collaborate effectively. The SIP Trunk voice solution gives more advantages to SMBs as it paves the way towards Unified Communications. Here, TTBS SIP Trunk Service has helped in carving out a leadership position in the category, especially for enterprises that are keen on fast-tracking their digital journeys.