TREX deploys Nokia to scale its peering infrastructure


Nokia will supply IP routing platforms to enable Finnish internet exchange provider TREX Regional Exchanges Oy (TREX) to scale its regional interconnection and peering infrastructure.

The solution will enable TREX to deliver higher capacity services to customers while increasing operations efficiency through network automation.

TREX will deploy the Nokia 7220 Interconnect Router platforms running on the Nokia SR Linux network operating system (NOS) to upgrade its network. The platforms, supplied by Nokia partner NetNordic, deliver high-density, high-speed IP routing in a small footprint that will allow TREX to increase its interconnection and peering services capacity.

Aleksi Suhonen, Chairman of TREX, said: “We chose the Nokia 7220 IXR platform running SR Linux because it meets our current and future requirements for a scalable, cost-effective interconnection platform with advanced network operations capabilities. The new platform will allow us to meet increasing customer traffic needs while ensuring operations efficiency through network automation.”

Manuel Ortiz Fernandez, Senior Vice President of EMEA Webscale business at Nokia, said: “TREX is expanding its regional interconnection capabilities to meet the needs of its customers as they embrace new digital and cloud technologies. We are pleased that TREX has chosen Nokia IP routing technology to enhance its interconnection capabilities to support the needs of its consumers in the region.”

The Nokia SR Linux provides TREX with an open and extensible NOS that allows the collection of operations data – such as fine-grained system state, configuration settings and real-time network analytics – using push-based streaming telemetry. TREX can enhance its automation capabilities for current and future network services by leveraging the extensive automation framework provided with the Nokia SR Linux.

TREX stands on two strengths. On one hand TREX refines and makes exchange point services available to companies that need them, keeping local traffic local. On the other hand TREX provides a medium and a forum for research and development of protocols, technologies, interoperability and cooperation in matters concerning internet infrastructure.

Most customers will find more than one service of interest at TREX, gaining more from connecting to TREX than from a membership at a regular internet exchange point.