TPG Telecom taps Ericsson for Cloud Native Core network

TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom has successfully migrated its consumer and business 4G and 5G data services onto a single, consolidated core network provided by Ericsson‘s dual-mode 5G Core solution.

TPG Telecom partnered with Ericsson to build and deliver its consolidated network, which will increase operational efficiency of the telco’s network, enabling the delivery of new services and improved mobile performance in shorter timeframes.

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Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core solution paves the way for faster and more frequent software upgrades to keep TPG Telecom’s mobile network stable and secure. It will also enable solutions based on new technologies like network slicing, low-latency communications and network exposure.

“The successful migration of TPG Telecom’s 4G LTE data services to our existing Ericsson cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core network marks an important milestone in our efforts to build Australia’s most innovative and advanced mobile network,” said TPG Telecom Chief Technology Officer Giovanni Chiarelli.

TPG General Manager of Core Network Applications Clinton Fick said:“As a truly cloud-native solution, Dual Mode Core gives us a platform to better support the ever-increasing customer demand for data while also laying the foundations to support future mobile use cases for consumer and enterprise needs. It also gives us the architectural flexibility to build our mobile core with the resiliency and functional distribution needed to support the high-performance targets our customers expect.”

With this rollout complete, TPG Telecom is pioneering the way for other telcos by transitioning from native and virtualised data core solutions to fully consolidated data traffic on an Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core network for all of its 4G LTE, 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone data services.

Prior to the migration, TPG Telecom’s 4G LTE data services were handled by legacy virtual network functions (VNFs) solutions.

Consumer and business mobile network use cases made possible by Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core solution include connected cars, smart cities, virtual reality, healthcare applications and other possibilities. All of which require the support of 5G architecture and standards aimed at catering to the evolving requirements of the enterprise and consumer market segments.

The network consolidation milestone represents a big step for TPG Telecom towards fully automated lifecycle management frameworks while providing the ability to dynamically scale more services up and down based on consumer demand. This helps to ensure customers receive optimal performance at all times, regardless of their usage.

Emilio Romeo, Head of Ericsson, Australia and New Zealand, said: “The landmark consolidation of TPG Telecom’s 4G LTE consumer and business data services into Ericsson’s cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core is testament to the innovation and value that our ongoing partnership is delivering to the Australian market. The inclusion of consumer and business 4G LTE data services, and the impending consolidation of business 4G LTE services, into the cloud-native core network solution we already provide to TPG Telecom is a key step in delivering next-level use cases, services, scalability and reliability to all Australians. I am looking forward to seeing all of TPG Telecom’s customers gain access to the power and potential of Ericsson’s cloud native dual-mode 5G Core technology.”