Top UK Broker Curates the Best Online Brokers for Traders


While Nasdaq ushered in the era of electronic trading, the internet brought it to the retail market in the 1990s. Since then, online trading has burgeoned to over $8 billion in 2020, or ₤6 billion. The pandemic only accelerated its growth, and trading market size is expected to expand 150% by 2028. Someone must be making mountains of money, but how can the individual trader navigate this complex, fast-paced environment? Markets operate 24 hours a day, five days a week, using every global currency across all foreign exchanges. Currency trading, in particular, can experience volatile exchange rates and costly delays in execution.

Trusting an online broker is essential, but there are literally hundreds of platforms to consider, each with their own array of products, advantages and disadvantages, costs and commissions. Jumping onto one without researching the strength of the platform can lead to a nasty fall.

Traders should start by taking an inventory of their individual needs. Of course, everybody wants a trustworthy broker, but traders may vary in which features of a platform they deem important. Is outstanding customer service and a user-friendly experience paramount? Is usability of both web and mobile apps important? Newcomers would want exceptional educational forums and easy-to-use research tools, while experienced traders might look for advanced trading strategies and a wide range of instruments. Both may benefit from copy trading, and insist on competitive pricing and trading costs.

Once traders know what they want, or think they want, it’s helpful to turn to a reputable site that evaluates online brokers for them. In Great Britain, TopUKBroker ( is an essential resource for choosing a broker or evaluating one’s own broker against the growing field. They offer the best rating system of the leading brokers that traders can trust.

For 2021, TopUKBroker reviewed 26 of the largest and most popular online brokers on five different parameters: commissions and fees, offering of investments, platform and tools, mobile trading apps, and education. Each was assigned an overall ranking and a Trust Score to produce an easy-to-read ranking grid. The top ten platforms received in-depth reviews that listed minimum deposits, pros and cons of each brokerage, and links to their respective platforms. TopUKBroker gives assessments of best overall broker, best offerings, best web platform, top research broker, and top copy trading platform.

Look forward to an expansion of TopUKBroker reviews and annual rankings. With the proliferation of broker platforms, they aim to highlight the best for their readers well into the future of online trading.