Top Tips on How Fleet Managers Can Reduce Costs

Fleet management companies are faced with several hefty costs throughout the year. From payroll to fuel consumption, the prices can begin to put a dent in financial budgets.

There are, however, some steps that fleet managers can take to help reduce costs and maximise profitability.

Encourage Fuel-Efficient Driving

If you are looking to cut the costs of fuel consumption dramatically then encouraging more fuel-efficient driving could be the solution you are looking for. Certain driving habits like speeding can have a detrimental impact on your budget. It is advised that you encourage more positive habits such as keeping tyres at the right pressures. Driving with low tyre pressure is not only a safety issue but it also helps your tyres to wear faster. Studies have shown the dangers of low tyre pressures and how they can put people at risk so it is crucial that your drivers are aware of these issues and know how they can avoid them.

Traffic jams are often a situation that commercial drivers are faced with. In these instances, it is advised that your driver turns off their engine. If your vehicle is stationary for a long time, then this can help to save fuel.

Employ The Use of Tachograph Analysis Software

Tachograph analysis software is a huge help when it comes to storing and analysing important driver data in one place. This software allows you to collect data through monitoring and measuring the activities of your driver’s working day. This software is great for reducing costs as it can allow you to keep an eye on when drivers are working and how much fuel their vehicles consume each day.

The data collected will allow you to identify any issues which could be damaging to your financial budget. You will be able to identify patterns in drivers’ behaviour and highlight any erratic driving which could be damaging to fuel consumption. Employing the use of this software will help you make more informed decisions for increased profitability and gaining access to it couldn’t be easier. FleetGO can provide you with tachograph analysis software to help you improve your fleet management and further help you to improve business operations.

Prioritise Accident Management

Accidents can be costly for any business. So, you should take all the precautions that you can to help avoid them. It has been suggested that morethan90% ofroadcrashesaretheresultofhumanerrororcondition. So, it is vital that you are making your drivers aware of high-risk situations which can help to reduce incidents in the future. As a fleet manager, you should ensure that your drivers are given the correct training to ensure that when they are on the roads they are operating as safely as possible. Having the knowledge that you have achieved this will then allow you to focus on other important areas of the business which need your attention. Safety is key in this industry, and it must be placed of high importance.