Top Tips For Successful Offshore Software Development


Offshoring is more than a one-off relationship between client and supplier, it is the relationship that brings the biggest long-term benefits. The golden rule is to do as much offshoring as possible, allowing them not only to program, but also to develop specifications, design, test and make test data. As a result, knowledge grows offshore, and the more there is, the easier it is to manage from your own organisation.

Also keep in mind that offshoring reflects our organisation in some way. When our organisation exhibits unpredictable behaviour, our offshore company also becomes unpredictable. In other words; if we don’t respect offshore, we won’t be respected either.

Actively manage the involvement. In addition, establish a steering committee and consult regularly with all parties involved.

Much has been written about selecting offshore projects, but in practice it takes little effort to select one or more projects that we can do externally. Therefore, the first project is usually an extension or replacement of an existing system (Outsourcing Software Development Company).

Important points to pay attention to when setting up an offshore project. Choose an important system whose aim is to have a real learning experience.

However, the system should not have too many interfaces with other systems in motion.

If we do outsourced maintenance on an existing system, we must ensure a ‘clean break’. From a certain point, we are not allowed to do internal maintenance on the system, because all maintenance must be done externally.

Choose your staff carefully. Curiosity, adventure and commitment are important success factors. Choose a clear point of contact with authority. Choose a clear communication structure for offshore software development

A very important point is how easy it is to communicate Software Development goes on with the people who have to do the work. It is simple, do you immediately understand what needs to be done, do you ask the relevant questions?

Offshore problems due to accessibility and time differences. Time differences and accessibility are not so important in the beginning. But at some point it can become an insurmountable barrier with associated problems.

Directly with India and China, especially early in the day communication is possible. However, when viewed from offshore, this means that all questions must wait until the end of the day.

As seen in Europe, this also means that any problems arising after 9am and 11am can only be resolved the following day.

Software development for offshore contracts

Entering into an offshore contract with an offshore company to develop a software system in a non-western country is a waste of time. Only with Western companies does it make sense to enter into a legally binding contract; we can enforce these contracts. But that in practice, only if the western company controls the offshore (Digitalsuits – dedicated development team).

If we are not thrilled with the controlling western company, the only way to communicate in plain language is what we want.

Make easy-to-read agreements and discuss them directly, point by point with the offshore manager. At the same time, they will get a good sense of the client’s culture, what we emphasise and what we consider less important.

Fixed price contracts, highly recommended

Offshore has an excellent track record of fixed-price development. It has the added advantage of higher quality, lower prices and less extra work afterwards. Both the client and the offshore company are forced to draw up specifications before developing anything.