Top 5 Tech Tools to Consider When Building an Online Gambling Platform


No matter your opinion on the subject matter, there’s no question about it: when it comes to online gambling, there’s a lot of money on the table. Both figuratively and literally.

As of writing this article, the online gambling industry is expected to rise up to $74 billion by the end of 2023. The recent pandemic proved even more than ever before that this industry has a ton of potential.

The internet first became a major disruptor for the classic gambling scene when Chris Moneymaker won the grand poker prize in 2003 after getting qualified for the tournament from an online poker room. From there, it was only a matter of time until savvy entrepreneurs realized online gambling’s potential.

The Spread of Legalized Online Betting in the US

Up until recently, the laws regarding online betting and gambling in general were pretty restrictive throughout most of the states.

Most people would prefer to board a plane going to Las Vegas and spend money on expensive hotels for the opportunity to play there and not deal with their state’s laws.

Nowadays, the scene has changed dramatically, with floods of people inundating poker websites and apps, gambling sites, and betting platforms. You get the picture: the online gambling community is growing, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs have noticed this trend. 918kiss offers betting, casino, gambling games, including slot games, etc and it is quite easy to play via website as well as and mobile phones.

So, if you want to create betting and gaming websites, you’re going to want to implement the following technologies to help you and your visitors have a pleasant and enhanced experience.

  1. Blockchain and Diversified Payment Options

Suffice to say that people nowadays prefer getting everything in an instant. You’ll want to allow your audience to be able to deposit and withdraw money as easily and securely as possible.

In this sense, the blockchain is the perfect solution. It offers more than enough privacy for the user and it allows transactions to take place with a significantly reduced risk of hacking because of how the blockchain is built.

And unlike what you might think, the blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrencies. It allows users to transaction in whatever currency they wish. Depending on how you implement it, you can also integrate hundreds of payment methods as well, from PayPal or credit card, to options like Ewallets, direct deposits, and bank transfers.

You probably get the picture by now. Implementing a blockchain solution on your online gambling platform is not only beneficial, it’s also encouraged. There’s a reason why cryptocurrencies have exploded to such a degree in the last decade. And it’s all thanks to this fantastic development from Satoshi Nakamoto.

  1. Data Collection and Interpretation

In the digital world, data is king. No matter what domain you’re in, you’ll always have to work with data.

As far as gambling goes, the total of assimilated data includes registration information, deposit and withdrawal tracking, odds, predictions, and how users engage with your apps and website.

Using all this data, you could come up with more features and a better marketing strategy. And since the scene is constantly changing, you’ll also need an effective tool to process that data, measure it, and take action whenever necessary; which leads us to our next point:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer just a science fiction dream. Most, if not all, of the major gambling websites use this technology to a certain degree.

Whether it’s for customer support purposes or data analysis, artificial intelligence can make the process easier for everyone – the entrepreneur, stockholders, and gamblers alike.

What’s most impressive about AI is its ability to process almost unimaginable amounts of data on a whim. Not only that, but it can also detect and deter cheaters, frauds, phishing attempts, and even gambling addiction.

Yes, an automated algorithm tracks user behavior not just to give them an enhanced, tailor-made experience, but also to determine if said person has a problem. If a user bets multiple times in a day or gambles large sums of money constantly, the AI detects this behavior and sends them helpful links to organizations dedicated to putting an end to gambling addiction.

  1. Encryption and Other Security Measures

Security should be your top priority, especially when engaging in a field that puts people’s money at risk.

The top website builders today offer encryption as a default, which is good news for people who have never created an online platform before.

We won’t get too technical about how encryption works but suffice to say it makes potential hackers have a much harder time cracking the code and stealing your visitor’s data or money.

One good security measure that has started to emerge in the past couple of years is two-factor authentication. If you have a Google account, you’ll already know what this is about. Whenever you log onto your account from a new device, you get a unique one-time code sent through SMS, and you have to input that code onto the website to get access.

  1. Virtual Reality

Finally, we have the technology that blew gamers’ minds all across the world. Just like artificial intelligence, virtual reality was also a mere dream up until a decade ago.

VR headsets come at relatively affordable prices nowadays compared to what they would ship for back in 2010. Needless to say, once the prices go down even further, more and more people will be able to enjoy all the benefits that VR has to offer.

Some online casinos have already implemented this tech to much success. It’s the most immersive experience one could get without actually going to a real casino. Instead of pressing buttons, you can now pretend you’re pulling the lever of a slot machine with the help of motion controllers.

And instead of using a mouse, you can move your head to look around in-game. If that’s not enough, know that you can also walk around the casino, and the differing sounds change in volume depending on how close or far you are from other player characters, tables, or machines. Immersive is the name of the game, and VR has doubled down on it.

The bottom line

Online gambling is an ever-growing domain that aspiring entrepreneurs should consider if they want to make some serious cash.

As long as you have the above-mentioned technologies implemented on your platform, you’ll be good to go. Just don’t forget about creating enticing marketing campaigns and to invest efficiently along the way.