TM Forum, ZTEsoft, and the city of Yinchuan, China collaborate to drive smart city best practices


TM Forum, ZTEsoft, and the Yinchuan Municipal Government jointly announced a collaboration for the creation of a Smart City R&D center in the City of Yinchuan, China.

The Yinchuan Municipal Government’s success in becoming a leading smart city, combined with the expertise and skills of ZTEsoft through its implementation of solutions in over 100 smart cities, and TM Forum’s global reach of over 900 global members that span the digital ecosystem, will accelerate the adoption of smart city standards and best practices to cities and municipalities the world over.

To inaugurate this groundbreaking collaboration, a smart city conference and expo will be held in the City of Yinchuan in September 2015.

ZTEsoft and the City of Yinchuan were recognized earlier in the week at the TM Forum Live! 2015 VIP Gala dinner where Mr Sany presented the President’s Award for Outstanding Innovation in Smart Cities.

Yinchuan Smart City and ZTEsoft were recognized for their exceptional development and acceleration of smart city potential by China’s National Pilot Smart City, the number one smart city in the world. Their work is enabled by ZTEsoft’s ZSmart products, which are based on TM Forum’s Frameworx™ suite of digital business best practices and standards and being used to enable innovation through intelligent data analytics.

This collaboration establishes the Forum as the leading voice for digital business transformation in the “smart-everything” era, and is one of many initiatives currently underway to establish topic-specific global collaboration platforms and digital ecosystems in which many interested parties – service providers, governments, global enterprises, and technology suppliers – are joining TM Forum’s global community to rapidly deliver implementable value across multiple industries.

“It is with great pride that we announce this breakthrough collaboration between TM Forum, ZTEsoft, and the City of Yinchuan,” said Mr. Sany. “The dedication and enthusiasm of ZTEsoft and the City of Yinchuan have been instrumental in helping TM Forum move the digital industry forward, and this important milestone in our joint collaboration will be the first of many to help spread digital business best practices and standards to cities and municipalities across the globe.”