TIM, Sony Mobile strategically collaborating to drive 5G in Italy

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TIM and Sony Mobile have signed an agreement that consolidates the relationship between companies sharing the same objectives of accelerating the 5G technology development in the next future.

TIM will support Sony Mobile in all the development phases of the product for Italy, making available to the project the ecosystem of partners in the Innovation Hubs, its technical know-how, with the best resources of its own research centers, and the access to TIM’s 5G test facilities to commercially launch a 5G device.

“TIM and Sony Mobile started a collaboration to last long, with the aim to develop advanced solutions able to value the distinctive features of Sony Mobile’s technologies, particularly referring to consumer and enterprise services” declared Mario Di Mauro, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Customer Experience Officer di TIM. “This agreement stresses the tremendous value companies such as TIM and Sony Mobile assign to innovation, two leaders in their business segments, always careful to promote synergies that can raise when pairing the experience on services of a leading mobile provider together with the expertise on devices of a global player like Sony Mobile”.

“We are very pleased to be part of this great initiative around 5G by TIM, actively contributing to 5G Innovation Hub initiative that represents for our first global showcase for 5G. Our partnership together with TIM is to enhance both the business and technical collaboration towards a joint commercial launch of 5G devices and services, as well as the innovative development of 5G and IoT both for consumer and enterprise markets” said Tibor Wagner, Director of Central and Southeast Europe di Sony Mobile.