TIM, Octo Telematics Partner to develop data-driven solutions for vehicles

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TIM and OCTO Telematics have signed a partnership agreement to develop data-driven solutions for vehicles not yet connected to the mobile network.

The aim is to gradually extend the potential offered by digital services to all vehicles on the road, from public transport to company cars.

The agreement between the two respective market leaders provides for the creation of innovative products in the connected car and mobility sector, making cars ‘smart’ by connecting them to the mobile network and enabling access to new on board applications for smart navigation.

In particular, functions will become available – delivered over TIM’s 5G network – for vehicle and passenger safety, assistance with predictive maintenance and remote vehicle management, insurance based on driving style, theft protection and entertainment solutions.

The first step of this important partnership is TIM BabyPad, a Bluetooth-enabled device to detect whether the child is in their car seat and make sure they are not left unattended. The App connected to the TIM BabyPad detects whether the child is in their seat and, if the parent gets out of the car, the smartphone sounds an alarm.
If the alarm is not turned off, text messages will be also sent to pre-associated numbers with GPS coordinates, preventing any dangerous situations.

TIM BabyPad will be on sale in the run-up to Christmas at all TIM stores and on the website www.tim.it at the highly attractive launch price of €59.90, making it an ideal gift option for all families with children under 4 years old.

“TIM has always been committed to developing innovative services to improve the quality of life and safety of families and citizens,” said Elisabetta Romano, Chief Innovation & Partnership Officer at TIM. “This partnership with Octo Telematics allows us to offer our customers the best possible solutions, which are easy to use and integrated into the wider development of the IoT ecosystem, also by leveraging 5G. The latest-generation network will enable pervasive connectivity, in turn having a significant impact on the development of increasingly eco-friendly and efficient smart cities. The initiative confirms TIM’s commitment to making innovative and easy-to-adopt services available to as many people as possible.”

Nicola Veratelli, Chief Executive Officer of OCTO Telematics, said: “We are proud to have started this partnership with TIM. Developing connectivity in the automotive sector is one of the main innovations that will make it more and more possible to offer added-value services and benefits for drivers. In this context, our ability to analyse data and make it accessible helps to ensure safe mobility, which is a fundamental value for us and our partners.”