TIM, FIAP partner to drive digital innovation for transport


TIM and FIAP – Federazione Italiana Autototrasportatori Professionali [Italian Professional Hauliers Federation] have signed an agreement aimed at fostering the digital innovation of more than 1,200 businesses in the logistics and freight transport sector represented by the Federation nationwide, to make them more competitive in a rapidly evolving context by adopting next-generation services and technology platforms.

The Group will provide its connectivity solutions and advanced services, drawing on the specialist skills of Noovle for Cloud and edge computing solutions, Olivetti for the Internet of Things, and Telsy for Cybersecurity.

Noovle Logo

The digital solutions will simplify the logistics management of goods transportation along the entire supply chain, from the production of goods to storage in warehouses and storage platforms, up to delivery to customers, involving vehicles, warehouses and sorting centres.

Areas of focus include localisation, monitoring and tracking of vehicle fleets, interactive communication between vehicles and goods manufacturers/distributors, up to certification of deliveries using digital procedures and tools, cold chain monitoring, and worker and freight safety management. Ultrabroadband connectivity solutions for industrial development areas, ports, freight villages and logistics hubs are included, available to members to take advantage of all the opportunities of Smart Logistics & Transportation 4.0.

The agreement, which continues the collaboration started last year, will allow the creation of new business opportunities and respond to the renewed needs of the industry, generating a positive impact of the supply chain in economic and social terms as well as regards environmental sustainability.

The agreement will also allow member companies to benefit from training courses offered by TIM with the aim of promoting widespread digital skills.