TIM, Atos Partner to Develop Digital Platform for TIM Cloud

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TIM and Atos, a global enabler in digital transformation, have signed a strategic agreement to develop a digital platform for the TIM Cloud in order to supply innovative solutions along with secure and localized public and private data management in Italy, which will provide companies and Public Administrations with speed, flexibility and immediate control of information.

As part of this agreement, the two companies will also focus on the implementation of the pan-European Gaia-X standards, in line with the European Commission’s objectives on data protection in all key market sectors.

TIM and Atos, long committed to supporting the growth of cloud computing, a rapidly expanding sector, will jointly define and implement a hybrid cloud model, leveraging their expertise respectively. The solution is expected to be commercialised by the first half of 2021.

“This partnership is a fundamental step forward to establish ourselves as market leader in the Cloud. The commercial launch of 5G in the country will bring ultra-low-latency services which, combined with Edge technology, will allow companies to manage a large amount of data in real time, leading to the development of new applications”, said Carlo D’Asaro Biondo, Executive Vice President – Strategic partnership, Alliances and TIM Cloud Project. “We are confident that our cloud business model, based on partnership with innovation leaders in this area, together with our data centres, will speed up the country’s economic system”.

“We are proud that TIM has chosen Atos, the No.1 security provider in Europe, to enable digital and data sovereignty solutions – from infrastructure to application – for the full benefit of the Italian and European market. This is a fantastic partnership driven by our new Atos OneCloud initiative. It will benefit TIM and its customers, accelerating the migration to the cloud and reinforcing a secured data monetization platform,” said Jean-Philippe Poirault, EVP, Global Head of Telecom, Media and Technology at Atos.