These Gemstones Will Bring You Luck and Prosperity!

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Crystals are one of the best gifts bestowed to us by Mother Nature and are regarded by many as powerful tools that help us transform our lives to the better.

Turn Bad Vibrations into Good and Positive Energy

Ages-old Tantra teachings show us how to make good use of various materials and substances to better our spiritual and material well-being. Tantric methods help us get rid of negative energy and bad vibrations by transforming them into positive and good ones that can bring luck, prosperity and abundance into our life and to our homes and families.

Green Aventurine– the Choice of Many Gamblers

“The Stone of Opportunity” and “The Gambler’s Stone” are some of the names that the shimmering green aventurine is famous with. Miniscule particles of microcrystalline quartz give aventurine its characteristic sparkly appearance.

The greatest quantities of the mineral are found in India, but the name originates from the Italian phrase “a ventura” which means “by chance”. The legend goes that some laborer accidentally dropped copper filings into molten metal. The result was a shimmery glass that resembled the naturally occurring mineral. Thus, the crystal was called aventurine, and the chance product of the laborer’s mistake was given the name aventurine glass.

Aventurine carries positive energy, optimism and a general good disposition to its owner. It also enhances the qualities of leadership and decisiveness and helps people wearing it to build their confidence and pursue their life goals.

Among aventurine’s many known powers is the ability to turn luck in favor of its bearer. This makes it the stone of choice of many who play online roulette, live blackjack, electronic slots or various other casino games. The stone is also famous for its power to absorb negative energy, making it an effective tool to help emotional healing or the easing of anxiety and stress during difficult times.

Pyrite – Abundance for the Business People

Pyrite grows in perfect shiny gold squares and is regarded as the “Abundance Stone” preferred by many business people. It is a good idea to keep it inside or right on top of the cash register, or otherwise in your workplace or on your desk. People also often carry a pyrite stone in their wallets or purses.

Pyrite is a crystal that helps a person open up for prosperity in various forms, but it works especially well for financial abundance. It is also a stone that opens the heart and is often used as a crystal of luck and fortune.

Citrine –Abundance and Wealth through Happiness

Citrine is yellowish, but comes in many different shades, and is known as the stone for financial prosperity and personal power. It is often regarded as a monetary or abundance crystal and is generally used when meditating on the third or solar plexus chakra.

Unlike pyrite, which is a heavy lead-based mineral that helps you break your way through blockages like a bull, citrine is lighter, fizzier and more related to joy of life. It helps you find happiness, and when you have it, abundance and wealth will naturally follow suit.

Selenite – the Cleanser of Energy

Selenite is a whitish translucent crystal known for its energy clearing powers. It has been compared to a charcoal cleanser that can help in detoxing a person and his or her home, allowing true wealth and abundance to come rushing in into the cleaned space. The selenite crystal can be used to cleanse the energies of everything, including those of other crystals.