These are the Top Writing Apps Every Student Should Use


Apps simplify communication, video editing, and banking. Many apps are available for students that make essay writing easy, fast, and enjoyable. You might be asking, “Can I pay someone to do my assignment?” Yes. Yes. Online helpers let you focus your time and energy on more lucrative engagements without having any impact on your grades.

Many tasks can be done by apps, such as editing, citations, and referencing. There are many apps available on the app store that offer similar services. These apps’ features will determine if the app is right for your needs. These apps are perfect for essay writing.


Grammar is the most important thing. Even students with brilliant ideas can fail because of grammar. Poor word choice and typos may make it difficult for students to understand and communicate ideas. Grammarly corrects bad grammar.

Grammarly will assist you in following the basics of grammar writing. If your paper is clear and free of grammar errors, it will be easier to read. Make sure your ideas are clear and don’t misinterpret them.

Grammarly offers a free trial version that allows you to test out the features before buying more advanced versions. It can be used online or offline on both Android smartphones and iOS. Grammarly can also be installed on word processor software to make editing easier.

Grammarly is not just for students with grammar problems. Grammarly can detect plagiarism. Grammarly will identify copied areas, connect to the original document and fix the problem areas.

Grammarly does more than highlight mistakes. Grammarly will also give reasons why a word should not be used. It will suggest alternative options and explain why they’re the best. The comments will help you to better understand your writing style. You will learn more about grammar, and you’ll be able to write better papers.


It is easy to organize essays, making them more enjoyable. Scrivener is the perfect app to organize your thoughts and make the essay more understandable to the reader. You can create an outline using this app that will help you organize your thoughts from the introduction through to the conclusion. This makes your paper more persuasive.

Scrivener has the following features that can be used to plan your essay

You can insert images and tables that will help you make a point. This tool is a great tool to create the data presentation section of your paper.

Presets and templates can be created that you can reuse in your future projects. These templates can be modified to fit different topics. You can then create a flexible structure for your essay.

Scrivener lets you import files and documents from different apps. You can import images and tables from other platforms without losing formatting or adding features.

The app has a corkboard as well as an outliner that will help you organize your thoughts. These features let you see a summary of the essay. It focuses on your main ideas and supports subtitles.

Scrivener allows you to add footnotes to your essay. This is an essential part of academic writing and helps readers to follow your work. This is an important feature in a research paper.

Scrivener offers settings that allow you to set writing goals and track time. It is much easier to focus on the actual discussion once you have written your essay. This will make your paper much more interesting. Scrivener is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. You can get the free version. However, you can purchase additional features at a very reasonable price. This allows you to get great value for money.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Have you ever had an idea that you couldn’t communicate because you didn’t have the words to express it? Are you looking for new ways to express old ideas on paper, or do you have a desire to? Merriam-Webster Dictionary can help you unlock your language potential.

This will help you avoid repetitive writing that can make your paper hard to read. Merriam-Webster Dictionary lets you add amazing vocabulary to your paper, making it easier to read. To master the language, you can play word games. Your essays will stand out thanks to your choice of words and capture the imaginations of readers.

iDeas for Writing

Writing the first paragraph or essay of an essay takes up a lot of students’ time. iDeas can help you escape this prison. This app will give you ideas around the keywords you have provided, which you can use to get started writing essays.

iDeas can be used on both iOS and Android devices. You can use the free version to get started before you purchase the paid version with more features. Combining multiple ideas from one word can make an essay more compelling.


The app makes it easy to take notes and improves your research efficiency. You can classify your notes by topics, dates, or other titles using the app. With an advanced search option, you can access your notes on any device at any time.

There are many writing applications. Choose an app that suits your needs and meets your expectations. It is important to ensure that the app you pay for is worthwhile.

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