These 5 Wonderful Outfits Will Help You Make an Impression on a First Date


So, you met a handsome guy online; he’s a solid ten with a fantastic personality. You talked for a while, but now he’s looking to kick things up a notch and take you out for dinner. It’s a dream come true, but there’s just one little problem—you don’t know what to wear.

Deciding what to wear on a date can be nerve-wracking. Women often have many clothes, but that doesn’t make choosing what to wear any easier. Even Russian mail order brides would ask their husbands to tell them what kind of dress to wear when coming to see them. And although fashion has evolved since then, few ladies can confidently pick outfits for a first date.

Some women have learned to be more decisive about what to wear on a date. And many of them have a guide for quickly picking the best outfits for the occasion. But if you still need help with first date outfits, consider wearing the following creative combinations to impress your date:

1. Bodycon dresses

Few outfits are as catchy as a bodycon dress, and as the fashion designer Bill Blass once said, “Whenever in doubt, wear red.” Studies show that men love women in red, as the color is linked to love and passion. That is why you can often find brides on red lipstick to complement their immaculate white gowns and accentuate their sexiness.

Bodycon dresses can be as moderate or raunchy as you want, giving them an edge over other dresses. Find the sweet spot between a classy look and an alluring one to achieve that timeless appearance for a first date. Try mono-strap bodycon dresses that stop mid-thigh. You can also go for a deep V neckline if you’re comfortable with your partner, but avoid over-accessorizing as it will ruin the look. Finally, complete the look with comfortable high heels and a clutch purse.

2. A blouse and fitting jeans

If you are going out on a date during the day, then opt for casual outfits. Except you live in a cold region or are going out in freezing temperatures, going simple will do wonders for your confidence. Rock a pair of well-fitting jeans and a light-colored top, then finish the look with high heel pumps or sneakers, depending on what you are most comfortable in.

If it’s cold outside, throw on a chic trench to protect you and deliver that extra sass to your looks. Feel free to experiment with colors, although we recommend opting for blue or black jeans, a light-colored blouse (white will look gorgeous) and a tan trench. Finally, wear black pumps or white sneakers and seal the look with a tote bag or clutch purse.

3. African-print palazzo pants and a crop top

Not too long ago, when men tried to find a wife online, they hardly saw dark-skinned ladies rocking African-themed outfits. Many women on legit mail order bride platforms tried too hard to conform to European style standards. But today, black women proudly celebrate their African roots and can confidently wear African-themed palazzo pants and crop tops to a first date. The same style easily applies to white women too, of course. 

The African print palazzo pants are great for drawing subtle attention to your curves without revealing too much. Pair them with a crop top with interesting cutouts for a more youthful appearance. For an elegant look, a button-up shirt in solid color rolled up at the sleeves is perfect. You can free a button or two for a more feminine style and finish with flats or heels.

4. A little black dress

If you are going on a dinner date, a little black dress can work wonders, and not many outfits scream confidence as loudly as this elegant piece. It is a perfect mix of modern and classy. But how creative you get with your dress will make or mar your efforts.

If you’re meeting your partner in the colder months, choose a long-sleeved dress or pair it with a leather jacket. For hotter climates, a sleeveless dress works well. If you have a smaller chest, you can choose a dress with a back cutout for some drama. Whatever style you choose based on your body shape, always up the ante by accessorizing and wearing nice shoes.

5. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are timeless pieces that can make you look like a million bucks or a mess, depending on how you wear them. They are fancy and provide some depth to your character at first glance. These outfits can be styled differently for occasions, meaning that not all jumpsuits are appropriate for dinner dates.

Avoid jumpsuits that are too loose or too tight, and instead, go for ones with a cinched waist and wide legs to show off your figure. For an elegant finish that will hold your partner’s gaze, ditch the round neck for a plunging neckline. Afterward, fill the space with a necklace or opt for a turtle neck jumpsuit with a chest cutout. Finally, seal the look with heels to achieve the desired effect.

In Conclusion

Picking an outfit for a first date shouldn’t be as tricky as it often seems. However, you’re only human and the anticipation can get the best of you. Over time, you will get better at quieting the inner chaos of what to wear on a first date, especially if you use this article as a handy guide.

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