The true cost of SIP downtime; what is the impact to your business?


When your voice network goes down, it impacts every aspect of your business and has serious financial consequences. Service disruption interrupts staff ability to communicate and creates angry, frustrated customers that ultimately results in financial loss.

The smartnumbers service from Resilient plc monitors every call and automatically routes them around disruption, such as a SIP network failure, so you can continue to answer your critical calls.

The actual cost of a network outage will vary depending on your industry and the size of your organisation. An Avaya survey shows that an average organisation loses £98,339 per incident while Gartner estimate that the cost is at least £3,900 a minute. Clearly, the damage will be significantly more if an outage occurs during peak times and for longer periods of downtime.

To avoid the disruption caused by telecoms failures, many organisations use technology such as SIP to quickly route voice traffic to alternative locations. However, when the SIP network fails, callers will hear a dead dial tone rather than having their enquiry answered.

SIP networks typically have a 99.95% service availability, equivalent to four hours of downtime which will cost more than £900k every year using Gartner’s downtime estimate. The highly resilient smartnumbers platform, delivering at least 99.999% reliability, monitors every call to ensure your customer calls are always answered. When a SIP network failure is detected, calls instantly reroute to alternative offices, mobiles or an announcement service.

For added peace of mind, the smartnumbers service ‘virtualises’ your existing numbers to remove the reliance on a single SIP provider. This enables you to mitigate the risks of SIP failure by deploying multiple SIP trunks from different providers for ultimate business continuity.