The Secret of How to Keep Your Paid Backlink Acquisition Campaigns Safe


There are several ways to make your business website successful. You want to do that because when you do, you usually secure more sales of your products or get more individuals to purchase your services. Even if you can’t entice someone to buy from you when you visit your website, they might at least remember your company’s name. Brand recognition matters as well.

You can always run a paid backlink acquisition campaign. That’s a white hat SEO tactic that makes sense for many companies that are trying to get their websites noticed. There are top link-building services you can hire, and doing so might be worth the money.

How can you keep your paid backlink acquisition campaign safe, though? Let’s discuss that right now.

Only Link to High-Value Sites

Generally speaking, the way to make your campaign safe so you stay on Google’s good side is to only use white hat tactics when you pay for backlinks. You can absolutely pay for backlinks, but you have to follow very strict rules if you don’t want to bring the wrath of the Google algorithm down on you.

There are multiple facets to staying safe, but only linking to high-value sites is probably the most crucial factor. The link-building service you hire should thoroughly vet each site to which they link your company’s website. They can do so with tools that calculate each site’s value to Google.

You can also double-check their work, though. There’s no harm in that, and it’s a way to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable SEO company.

The Websites Shouldn’t Mention Selling Links

You also can’t link to any websites that specifically mention somewhere on there that they sell links. If Google’s web crawlers see that, they will penalize both your company’s website and the site to which you linked.

If the SEO company you hire communicates to a site and the website’s admin tells them they sell links, that’s fine, but the site had better not say that. If so, the penalties will cause your company’s site to fall out of favor with Google hard and fast.

The URL Must Match Your Website and Page

You can also have a company set up a link to another website for you. When they do, though, they must make sure the site’s URL relates to your website and the specific linking page in some way. If they have nothing to do with each other, the Google algorithm might take that as a sign you’re engaging in SEO tactics of which it does not approve.

It’s Impossible to Stay Completely Safe

You should also understand that if you build up your links by paying for them, there’s always a little inherent risk. If you follow the steps we just mentioned, you should be alright, but the Google algorithm can be finicky sometimes. It might use a more obscure technique to determine whether you bought links. If it suspects you of doing that, your purchase of links can backfire.