The practical uses of cryptocurrencies in 2022


When the original crypto, Bitcoin, was launched, there were clear plans for its future. The idea was that it would be used for day-to-day transactions from small things, such as buying a coffee, and bigger purchases, such as buying a house. The problem was that not everyone took to this new form of currency at the start, and it took its time to take off.

Now, in 2022, things are a little different. Bitcoin, and other cryptos, have entered the mainstream and you may be surprised at just how many places they can be spent. We’re going to take a look at just a few of these.

Online casinos

Over the years, online casinos have introduced more and more payment methods. Players are keen to see payment providers that they both recognize and trust. As attention has been focused on security, it just made sense that crypto should be an option too.

The range of crypto games is continually growing, many options exist and, with crypto going nowhere, you can be sure that these options will only expand.

Car dealerships

If you’ve got your eye on a fancy car, you may be surprised to learn that you can use crypto to pay for it. Of course, it was Tesla that made headlines by agreeing to accept Bitcoin, only for Musk to go on and reverse the option, but there are other companies out there that accept crypto payments.

Maybe a Lamborghini is your car of choice. Perhaps it’s a Subaru that has your attention. The reality is that you’ll find plenty of luxury car dealerships that are more than happy to accept crypto as form of payment for a car.


Did you know that Microsoft accepts cryptocurrency on its website? This is yet another place where the likes of Bitcoin can be used in 2022. It’s not just Microsoft that lets you exchange crypto for top tech, you can also head over to Newegg and AT+T.

For the last six years, there has also been the chance to use crypto over at the e-commerce platform Overlook. Accepting crypto being such a success, both Shopify and Rakuten have followed suit.

Luxury jewelry and watches

If you’re in the market for luxury goods, then you can be assured that you can use crypto to pay for them. There are plenty of opportunities to purchase watches, jewelry using Bitcoin. The luxury watchmaker Franck Muller has even produced a watch that includes a Bitcoin QR code.

With a rise in use of crypto debit cards, more and more jewelers are setting themselves up to process cryptocurrency both online and in-store.