The Future of Using Facial Recognition in Gambling


Biometric identification has been the focus of many futuristic films like Blade Runner and Mission Impossible. Today, this technology is a reality for both business and personal use. One of the most focused on elements of this tech is facial recognition, which has found its way into the gambling business.

Facial recognition software is used to identify individuals using the metrics of their face by matching them to images that are already in a system. Usually, this feature can be used to gain access to something or simply be identified. The explosion of facial recognition use in various industries is supported by its 99% accuracy in identification. Even though the tech has yet to catch up to the popularity of conventional PINs and passwords, it is cementing its place in the future of the gambling industry. Here are some areas punters can expect to see the technology, and in some places, it has already been applied.

Casino Login

Typically, when logging into an online gambling destination, one is expected to enter account details such as their email or username and a password. Facial recognition tech can be used to replace this technology for faster and simpler logging in process. This step will be simple to adopt considering numerous smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+, use the biometric identification to grant owners access to the devices. Therefore, only software updates will be required to make the technology functional. Once gamblers have signed into their accounts, the services would be same as when using ordinary passwords. Therefore, one can proceed to claim any offers like £20 Free no Deposit Bonus, or cash in and indulge in their favourite games.

This login method is much more secure than passwords and PINs. Security protocols that are not linked to physical features can be easy to get to, which makes it easy for hackers to access players’ accounts and make withdrawals. However, with the human face, it is near impossible to replicate every pattern, detail, and texture of the feature, all of which are picked up by the software. The only way around the technology is to have in-depth access to it.

Flag Underage Gambling

The age of internet casinos has brought with it the crisis of underage gambling. The lack of physical interaction between online casinos and their clients makes it easy for players who have not attained the legal gambling age to engage in the practice. Underage gamblers can easily use an account that has already been created and verified since identification measures are not applied often. With facial recognition, it becomes easy for casino operators to notice that the gamer trying to log into an account is not the owner, and in some cases, visibly underage. Similar measures can also be applied in brick and mortar gambling dens.

Identify Fraudsters

Location-based casinos are in the habit of banning gamblers that do not abide by set rules by cheating, counting cards, breaking game etiquette, and a handful of other reasons. However, banning them is one thing and managing to keep them out is another. Gambling destinations operate on an open-door policy, which allows as much clientele to flow in. Therefore, it is easy for fraudsters to slip in with a huge crowd and stay undetected. With cameras at entry points and casino floors that are equipped with facial recognition technology, the club can flag out any blacklisted player before they can get too far and without much effort.


Land-based casinos are more mindful about the safety of the backrooms than that of the floors, which is another place facial recognition software can come in handy. Most gambling dens store their money in the back rooms, which is why the staff is focused on their safety. During weekdays, big casinos have as much as seventy million dollars in cash while the weekends see them rack up as much as one hundred million dollars. Biometric recognition software limits the falsification of employee IDs as well as their loss or use by a third party. Additionally, since facial ID operates on liveness, it would be impossible to use the photo or video of an authorised party to gain access.

Analyse Statistics

Facial recognition will make it easier for casinos to sift through their visitors on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. That way, they can customise their services and offers to meet the direct needs of the gambler. The software is most likely to be centred around the identification of VIP guests to learn their requirements and surpass their expectations even before they can make requests. Such treatment will encourage them to come back and spend some more.

Parting Shot

Facial Recognition technology is bound to change how the current gambling world operates in numerous positive ways. Even so, it does come with some security concerns since most governments have yet to put in regulations on how it can be used.