The Deal Between CBD & Runners: 4 Things to Know


It is a fact that the use of CBD got approval very recently. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has excluded Cannabidiol (CBD) from their list of prohibited substances for athletes. Researchers are pulling data now and then after a legal permit in using them for experiments. But, world-class athletes and several kinds of users have shared tons of positive experiences of their own with CBD. Based on these anecdotal records, there is a growing phenomenon that CBD and runners lifestyle have a positive dependency.

Runner’s issues and CBD in general

A professional athlete like a runner goes through a lot of stressful workouts and training. Runners are natural in extensive cardiovascular movements. In the world, almost 60% of professional runners get injured every year in various events. The endurance sports meets are highly competitive events where a runner might accidentally get ankle sprint, runner’s knee, shin splints, stress fractures, etc. Although, there is no direct solution relationship between CBD and runners always.

Among the approved cannabinoids from the hemp plant family, CBD oil is the best-extracted product available in the market. You can find this element in various forms such as CBD capsules, lotions, creams, vaping liquids, gummies, etc. The goodness of CBD oil can resolve key issues in a runner’s life. This is because CBD oil contains the richest component of the cannabis plant family. To understand the equation between CBD and runnersyou have to focus on the process of CBD working in a runner’s body.

1.Performance anxiety-management

Many athletes suffer from performance anxiety before important events. Runners need to stay focused and calm at all times. CBD increases serotonin secretion in the brain, which helps reducing anxiety in the brain.

Many important factors bridge CBD and runnersIf you are a runner, you must look for trusted resources of CBD that maintain the industry standards properly. CBD can contribute greatly to your running career. Now, when you know how effective CBD is to treat your anxiety and depression, then you must give a try to CBD tincture oil for anxiety relief and you will feel the difference of including it in your routine.

2.The effect on pain and inflammation

Runners are prone to severe pain and inflamed muscles due to their stressful training. CBD has a promising result on many athletes in case of severe pain in the ankle, toe, or muscle joints. As you might know, CBD works in the endocannabinoid system (ES); it starts effect on the neuroreceptors first. Here comes the correlated action between CBD and runners. High endurance training and repetitive workouts are very likely to result in tissue damage or inflammatory pain in the runner’s body.

  • The CBD binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain and lowers the communication between the affected area and the brain functions.
  • That way, there becomes a void between the inflamed or pained region and your brain.
  • Hence, CBD induces the recovery process to work more efficiently. In addition, many studies have acknowledged the effectiveness of CBD for pain and inflammation relief.

3.Improved GI damage protection

Several important studies have shown that CBD works as a protector shield for damage to the gastrointestinal (GI) tissues. Rigorous exercise can reduce the delivery of oxygen and nutrient in the GI tract. Studies confirm that using CBD from cbdMD helped them reducing tissue damage and maintain the functionality going fine.

4.Sonorous Sleep

One of the earnest benefits runners get from using CBD oil products is having a sound sleep every night. Since the rigorous training causes a lot of tears and tissue damage, it is important to gain a solid recovery period. A deep sleep at night plays a vital role in every athletes’ life. CBD helps to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. Therefore, sleep is another important factor for CBD and runners.

How CBD dosage depends on your body mass index?

CBD dose depends on your body’s BMI. Do you know what BMI is? BMI stands for body mass index which determines the relationship between your body weight and height. CBD dose which is perfect for a body depends on its BMI. That’s the reason why it is always suggested to take care of your CBD dose before its intake. You can calculate your body mass index to know whether you should take a low dose or a higher one depending on your BMI.

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