Thales Alenia Space, Kythera Partner to Develop GMSS


Kythera Space Solutions (Kythera), the provider of dynamic management systems for next-generation payloads and SATCOM networks, has entered into a 10-year partnership with Thales Alenia Space, a Joint Venture between Thales (67 %) and Leonardo (33 %), to develop the Ground Mission Segment System (GMSS) for Thales Alenia Space’s software-defined satellite (SDS) product line, Space Inspire. GMSS will be powered by the Kythera Operating System (KOS) and tailored to suit the Space Inspire platform, with differentiating capabilities for Thales Alenia Space customers.

The Space Inspire (Instant Space In-orbit Reconfiguration) innovative product line will allow seamless telecommunication mission and services reconfiguration, instant in-orbit adjustment to the demand, and outstanding flexibility for video broadcasting and broadband connectivity services, while maximizing the efficiency & effective use of the satellite’s resources. Its development is supported by French and European Space Agencies CNES and ESA.

To enable Space Inspire’s flexible and dynamic operations, Kythera brings the industry-leading Kythera Operating System that enables satellite manufacturers and operators to take full advantage of their SDS payloads and next-generation SATCOM networks. The Kythera Operating System brings advanced features to GMSS to support Space Inspire’s flexibility, including autonomous service provisioning; dynamic payload resource optimization and link analysis; dynamic beam design and beamforming; and orchestration of space and ground assets.

With GMSS, Space Inspire offers the most advanced payload and SATCOM network management solution on the market, providing unprecedented dynamic flexibility and control for optimized performance of the Space Inspire platform and the broader SATCOM network in which it operates.

GMSS is powered by Kythera’s KOS, the emerging industry standard for dynamic management of next-generation SATCOM networks.

As a KOS-powered product, GMSS is industry agnostic and integrates with other satellite payloads, modems, and terminals in the industry that support KOS-compliant management software.
GMSS is extensible, enabling Thales Alenia Space customers to expand their SATCOM network to support a fully hybrid space architecture that includes heterogenous GEO/MEO/LEO space assets.
“We are pleased to partner with Kythera Space Solutions and to benefit from their strong expertise regarding telecom ground mission segments systems. They will help to enhance the mission efficiency based on our Space Inspire software defined satellite product line allowing us to offer the best flexible solution to the market,” declared Gilles Obadia, Space Inspire programs Director at Thales Alenia Space.

“Software-defined satellites like Space Inspire demand sophisticated new ‘operating system’ to dynamically and autonomously optimize service minute-by-minute,” declared Dr. Jeffrey Freedman, PhD, CEO of Kythera Space Solutions. “We are proud and excited to partner with Thales Alenia Space to empower the Space Inspire product line with the most advanced dynamic operations capabilities in the market. This partnership further establishes the Kythera Operating System as the industry standard for dynamic, autonomous SATCOM operations.”