Thailand’s dtac set to launch fastest 4G on widest bandwidth soon


dtac, a telecom service provider in Thailand is all set to expand 4G service on 1800MHz. The service is assured to be the fastest 4G to support the soaring growth of mobile internet demand.

dtac has invested 500 million Baht on ‘dtac Network Analytics Solution’ as an innovative trend to analyze consumer behavior and ensure the best customer experience on dtac network all the time.

Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac, said “According to dtac request for NBTC approval to use 1800 MHz on 4G services, dtac has declared to use the spectrum on the demand of internet usage in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces in the beginning due to its highest growth rate of internet usage. Therefore, dtac hopes to receive formal approval from the responsible agencies promptly. dtac assured that the additional 4G services with 10 MHz on 1800 MHz spectrum and 5MHz on 2100 MHz spectrum(current spectrum concession) will make dtac the fastest 4G provider on the widest bandwidth ever in Thailand. dtac plans to expand 4G service network coverage nationwide to reach at least 95% of population eventually.”

“Since dtac officially 4G service launched in February, statistic showed that even though most of the data users have an average usage of 2-3 GB this year but the number of 5GB subscribers both in Prepaid and Postpaid grows twice compared to the second half of last year (YoY). The number of data users using 10GB per month increase significantly and mobile internet users increase not only in Bangkok but other provinces such as Chonburi, Rayong, Songkla, Nakhon Pathom and etc as well. However, the subscribers of 1-3 GB range increases slightly and have the tendency to decrease.”

Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of dtac, added “dtac has planned a network management to support every used on every spectrum on its highest potential to supply every customer demand and usage. dtac doesn’t consider expanding 3G and 4G services as the increase of cell sites only but also managing the customer mobile experience to fulfil the most demands possible for customers to use voice and data on every customer mobile in business areas, in traffic zones, during holidays, and etc.”

dtac has invested 500 million Baht on dtac Network Analytics to obtain individual customer usage experience for analyzing and solving customer situations. The real-time information and alarm setting for prompt action leads to great experience.

dtac Network Analytic systems enables dtac to see and forecast usage trends and managing network on every aspects; on voice, data and applications. The information will be used to improve the service and create better understanding on customers need.

“Apart from the inbound launching of 4G services over 1800MHz band, dtac’s current spectrum concession, subject to the state permission, dtac has already expand 3G networks in 850 MHz on 3,400 sites nationwide which create better coverage and spectrum quality. dtac is ready to increase more cell sites to expand 3G spectrum on 2100MHZ and 850MHz in remote areas continuously. Thus, customers can experience better mobile internet quality with more service coverage.” said Prathet.

Currently, there are 1.6 million subscribers who have experienced dtac 4G services, whereas, there are approximately 3 million active 4G mobile devices. dtac is confident that the number of 4G subscribers will increased once 1800 MHz spectrum is ready for 4G services and also the growth of mobile data usage.

Sigvart Voss Eriksen, Chief Marketing Officer of dtac, said “dtac has launched a new campaign “Reach Everywhere Understand Every Heart” to raise customers’ awareness and to enhance great experience on the brand. The campaign reflects dtac’s emphasis on reaching customers with the best technology where they are and bring the network to life with deep customer understanding. dtac is ready to offer our customers good experiences on dtac 4G/3G “Fast Everywhere for Everyone” nationwide.