Teoco Unveils Helix 10.1 Service Assurance Platform Powered by Machine Learning


Helix 10.1, built for 5G and NFV, adds Machine Learning, Automation & Sentinel – the first analytics-driven UI to unite all operational data providing enhanced insight

TEOCO, a provider of planning & optimization, assurance and analytics solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has unveiled Helix 10.1, the newest version of its Service Assurance platform.

Helix 10.1 is designed to help CSPs collect, process, store and analyze the massive amounts of data created by modern networks as operators continue to expand their 5G build-out.

Helix 10.1 features Sentinel – a high-performing, intuitive analytics-driven user interface. The re-engineered UI makes Helix the first service assurance tool in the market that truly unifies all relevant operational data in one place. Sentinel equips NSOC and Engineering teams with advanced visual analytical tools to investigate and drill down into potential problems by efficiently cross-correlating all available data.

The new version also introduces Anomaly Detection to Helix, a machine learning algorithm capable of automatically identifying network performance issues. By efficiently analyzing massive datasets of network and service KPIs, the algorithm is capable of detecting what human engineers cannot, and uses automated troubleshooting to offer a better understanding of the patterns that may cause service issues, as well as taking proactive measures to prevent these patterns recurring.

Additionally, Helix’s Service Impact adds a predictive capability that enables a CSP to anticipate how maintenance will affect the network, using both current alarms and advanced simulations to judge the potential impact.

The evolution to 5G, and the tangible growth of the NFV-based dynamic parts of the network, creates a step-change in the amount and complexity of the relevant data that needs to be handled and analyzed. The new modules and features in Helix 10.1 enable efficient processing of the massive datasets, and quickly allows the identification of service issues while performing automated troubleshooting and remediation.

“The use of Machine Learning and AI is a leap forward from existing rule-based techniques,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO, TEOCO. “Helix combines this technology with a new user interface that further empowers the human aspect of service assurance. Helix 10.1 will enable CSPs to meet the challenges that new network technologies bring by bolstering both the machine and human-powered dimension of Service Assurance.”