TELUS Picks Sandvine to Drive Network Intelligence

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Sandvine has signed a multi-year contract with TELUS, a world-leading communications technology company. TELUS will use Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence solutions on Google Cloud to further assist the company in monitoring and managing expected growth in mobile data and video traffic across its network.

Sandvine helps organizations run world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence, leveraging machine learning analytics and closed-loop automation to identify and adapt to network behavior in real-time. With Sandvine, organizations have the power of a highly automated platform from a single vendor that delivers a deep understanding of their network data to drive faster, better decisions.

Sandvine will provide TELUS with cybersecurity, application, and subscriber analytics for their cloud-based 5G services

A Sandvine customer since 2013, TELUS will leverage Sandvine’s 4G and 5G analytics solutions to support its efforts in driving adoption, ensuring security, providing customer insights, and enhancing application experience while managing the associated surges and shifts in network traffic.

The extended relationship will allow TELUS to continue to meet growing demands for speed, latency, and reliability for millions of devices and applications. By using Sandvine’s ActiveLogic Hyperscale Data Plane, TELUS will have the flexibility, performance, and patent-pending, machine learning-powered traffic classification needed to keep up with growing application complexity.

Lyn Cantor, CEO, Sandvine said: “We are thrilled to have TELUS as a 5G customer as they focus on application quality of experience to extend their Canadian market leadership. With growing application complexity driven by network slicing, encryption, mashups, and new latency requirements, Sandvine is proud to provide TELUS with cybersecurity, application, and subscriber analytics cloud based services to support the delivery of high quality experiences on TELUS’ emerging 5G services.”

Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, TELUS said: “Driven by our commitment to support the Canadian digital economy and transformation, TELUS’ investment in our networks and systems will directly transform experiences for Canadians in the industries that matter most to them like healthcare, transportation and agriculture. Our relationship with Sandvine in their application and network intelligence solutions will play an important role in helping us ensure we deliver high-quality experiences and greater security for our customers as 5G, Cloud and Digital business adoption grows in Canada.”

Sandvine’s cloud-based Application and Network Intelligence portfolio helps customers deliver high quality, optimized experiences to consumers and enterprises. Customers use Sandvine solutions to analyze, optimize, and monetize application experiences using contextual machine learning-based insights and real-time actions.