Telstra goes live with Ericsson Digital BSS

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Pre-paid customers of Australian communications service provider (CSP) Telstra are among the first globally to benefit from faster and more intuitive pre-paid digital subscription experiences enabled by the latest Ericsson Digital Business Support Systems (BSS) technology.

The customer-centric initiative involved a complete front-end digital transformation with Ericsson Digital BSS capabilities to improve Telstra’s pre-paid customers’ digital experiences.

Telstra pre-paid customers can now enjoy an easier and more intuitive digital experience with faster service activation speeds – more than 50 percent faster compared to legacy systems. As a digital-led product, the pre-paid digital stack solution is aimed at boosting customer control and convenience.

The co-developed initiative was designed, implemented, tested and launched by a joint Telstra and Ericsson project team in industry-record time. The accelerated delivery is made possible through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), with TMF aligned Open APIs used extensively to enable integration and shorter time-to-market.

Shailin Sehgal, Telstra Product Enablement Technology Executive, says: “Our T22 vision is to fundamentally change the nature of telecommunication products and services in Australia by eliminating pain points for our customers and this implementation is another step we are taking to help us achieve this. Our pre-paid customers now experience an activation speed of less than a couple of minutes for new prepaid activations, which had previously taken around 10 minutes with the legacy solution. The traditional CRM experience has been replaced with a digital and customer-centric experience in an integrated end-to-end pre-paid solution. Working with Ericsson has allowed us to have simplified product set up and enable faster time to market.“

Mats Karlsson, Vice President and Head of Solution Area BSS, Ericsson, says: “For Telstra’s retail pre-paid transformation, we set out to achieve efficient operation with reduced total cost of ownership, superior omni-channel customer experiences in all channels and a transition to digital operation. We are delighted to have achieved these goals. User feedback is very positive across the board – all delivered by a joint Telstra/Ericsson team that showed how quickly excellent results can be achieved when ecosystem partners work closely and speedily.”