Telkomsel Launches First 5G Service in Indonesia


After receiving the 5G Operation Acceptable Certificate (SKLO) from the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (Kominfo RI) on May 24, 2021, Telkomsel officially launched the Telkomsel 5G service with the theme “5G: Unlock the Future”.

The enthusiasm brought about in this launch shows Telkomsel’s commitment to presenting Telkomsel 5G services to unlock unlimited future potential for Indonesia. The launch of Telkomsel 5G is at the same time an important milestone for Telkomsel, which has been serving Indonesia for 26 years, right on May 26, 2021.


Apart from affirming its position as the first cellular operator to deploy a 5G network in Indonesia, through this launch Telkomsel also ensures that 5G services can be used commercially. This progressive and strategic step is part of the company’s transformation roadmap which has now established itself as the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia to continue to drive the progress of the nation by strengthening national digital capabilities.

President Director of Telkomsel Setyanto Hantoro said, “The arrival of 5G officially in Indonesia is not only an important milestone for Telkomsel, but also a great momentum for the Indonesian nation in facing a more advanced and promising future thanks to the use of the latest, more optimal broadband. We are sure that the presence of fifth-generation cellular network technology in the country will open up more potential for Indonesia’s progress to become a complete digital nation and be able to compete at the global level, especially in the power of the digital economy. ”

Setyanto then added, “Telkomsel 5G is solely present for the people, industry and the Indonesian state. For this reason, our next commitment is to provide Telkomsel 5G services for all elements of the nation, not just for certain cities or industries, or a handful of customers.”

Telkomsel will maximize the use of 5G to present a variety of new digital products and services that can transform lives and implement the advantages of the 5G network to further encourage the growth of digital connectivity, digital platforms and digital services in Indonesia as well as the development of future technology solutions such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Telkomsel’s 5G will change the way people learn, work, shop, enjoy digital entertainment, and make accessing technology-based health services easier and more efficient. In addition, Telkomsel will also optimize the use of 5G for MSMEs and cross-sector industries such as health, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and others, through solutions that can enable new ways of working that can increase productivity and innovation. making for higher productivity and greater innovation

The presence of the Telkomsel 5G network and services is also Telkomsel’s consistency in supporting the strategic plan of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia to build a more structured and massive national digital fundamentals. One of the foundations is by encouraging the acceleration of digital transformation in three aspects, namely society, government and business.

“Indonesia is entering a new phase of modern telecommunication technology because Telkomsel’s 5G network has begun to be enjoyed by the public, while at the same time strengthening Telkomsel’s efforts to stay ahead and join hands with stakeholders to advance the digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

Interpreting this, the Ministry of Communication and Information as a facilitator, regulator and accelerator will continue to encourage the development and utilization of 5G networks and eliminate internet disparities in Indonesia. We also hope that Telkomsel can continue to collaborate with the central and regional governments and industry players to ensure the implementation of 5G can run smoothly, “said the Minister of Communication and Information RI Johnny G. Plate.