Telia Taps Nokia to Boost Helsinki Data Center Capabilities

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A significant step in the uptake of the most modern data center in Europe continues with Nokia signing a long-term agreement with Telia about IT and service platform hosting.

“Telia Helsinki Data Center is a modern facility supporting smooth operations. It meets our strict requirements for data security, energy efficiency and sustainability. The agreement with Telia is an important step for Nokia in implementing our global data center strategy,” says Nokia CIO Ursula Soritsch-Renier.

“Data factories like our Helsinki Data Center are a vital building block for the future infrastructure of IoT, 5G, robotics and AI. We are extremely proud that our key partner Nokia has decided to use our data center for their key operations. The deepened cooperation will boost our joint efforts in building the next digital infrastructure,” says Jussi Salminen, VP for Enterprise segment, Telia Finland.

Telia Helsinki Data Center is the largest open data center in Finland. Opened in June 2018, it provides top level systems for security, safety and power, offering the most modern and safe facility for data. The data center has multiple connections to Telia’s global network that hosts almost 40 percent of the daily global internet traffic. Data centers are an integral part of the 5G network architecture.

The total capacity of Telia Helsinki Data Center is 24 megawatts. The servers generate massive amounts of heat, which will be used for heating up to 20 000 apartments in the neighboring city of Espoo.