Telia, Tallinn University of Technology Partner to create 5G solutions

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Tallinn University of Technology and Telia have agreed to cooperate to develop 5G solutions. Already this year, they will present what the new technology offers in creating new services.

Researchers at Tallinn University of Technology, TTU, and Telia’s top specialists are currently mapping different possibilities of implementing the 5G technology. The first results will be ready to present to the public already this year.

“We are working of several ideas on how to start using 5G in our daily lives. Currently, we are trying to pick the best ideas to move forward. We are considering ideas that have a future potential and a wider social impact, but also solutions for industrial and residential use that could be implemented in the near future,“ says Mattias Männi, 5G Program Manager at Telia Estonia.

“One of the goals of the project is to launch the 5G network in the TTU campus and create an environment for companies and startups where they can develop and test their new products and services together with TTU researchers,” says Gert Jervan, Dean at the School of Information Technologies at TTU.

“The Smart Campus test platform will help entrepreneurs and researchers to build new business models on top of the extremely powerful 5G network. In addition of building a technical platform, we will create something that will have a wider impact.“

The TTU and Telia collaboration aims to build a prototype of what a city or city district could look like in five years and consequently the project focuses on the needs and expectations of today’s society that is becoming increasingly more digitalized – smart houses or smart traffic infrastructure.

Kirke Saar, CTO at Telia Estonia, says TTU is the perfect partner in developing and implementing new technologies. The TTU campus already has the infrastructure, specialists, scientists, and students necessary for creating various technical solutions.

“A few years ago, we said that we are working on building a public 5G network in Estonia in 2018. Now, together with TTU, we are moving towards fulfilling that promise. We believe that the people at TTU and partners who will join the project later provide a considerable user base for keeping our promise,“ Kirke Saar says.