Telia inaugurates cybersecurity training center – CyerGym in Lithuania


Vilnius has seen the opening of CyberGym – the first remote cybersecurity training center in Lithuania and Northern Europe.

Set up by Telia in Lithuania in cooperation with Israeli cyber-defense experts CyberGym, the new cybersecurity training center will allow businesses and organizations to train for cyberthreats.

The distinct feature of specialized training offered by CyberGym is that it simulates cyberattacks that reproduce realistic threats that are posed to a specific company or industry. During the training, focus is put on the analysis of tactics and efficiency of actions to make the training useful to the specialists of all fields ranging from IT to top management.

Lithuania will also be offered the training program “From Zero To Hero” which aims at preparing a cybersecurity team within a company or organization from as low as the zero level of readiness.

“The optical fibre and mobile network infrastructure owned by Telia Lietuva covers more than half of the total internet flow in Lithuania. For this reason, we encounter different types of attempts aimed at causing detrimental effects to people and business on a daily basis. Unfortunately, 95 per cent of all security incidents take place due to human factors. Therefore, companies and organisations must invest not only in technology, IT solutions, but also in education and training of specialists,” Vytautas Bučinskas, Head of Risk Management at Telia Lietuva, said at the opening ceremony.

The CyberGym training centre is based at Telia Lietuva’s premises.

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