Telia Company initiates first live 5G tests in Denmark

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Telia Company initiates the first live 5G tests in Denmark by utilizing a 5G antenna which has been mounted on the roof of the company’s Copenhagen office.

The live tests will be performed in co-operation with Nokia and the TT-network – the infrastructure company of which Telia Company owns 50 percent – which is responsible for operating and developing the Radio Access Network. Another two test sites will be established during the summer.

“We very much look forward to gaining on-hands experience of the multitude of possibilities that 5G enables, which in the long term will significantly improve Denmark’s digital infrastructure,” says Morten Bentzen, CEO of Telia Denmark. “Our expectation is that the demand for 5G will initially be among businesses where the technology can be utilized to make production lines, inventory management and logistics more efficient. In addition, the extremely low latency that 5G entails is crucial for the development of autonomous and self-driving vehicles and robotics.”

Telia Company will use the 3.5 GHz frequency band for the tests and the company plans to for instance try out 5G smartphones.

“We are also in discussions with a number of enterprises that are interested in assessing the opportunities we introduce with future mobile technology. We are also considering inviting a number of private customers to try out the solutions and opportunities that the 5G technology will offer to consumers via, for example, Fixed Wireless Access,” says Henrik Kofod, CTO at Telia Denmark.