Telia Company Establishes AI Sustainability Center in Stockholm


The growing use of personal data and AI systems can pose ethical risks that are difficult to predict and understand. Telia Company is a founding partner of the new AI Sustainability Center in Stockholm which will address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts.

The AI Sustainability Center provides a Nordic approach to responsible and purpose-driven technology. The Center aims at being a multidisciplinary hub to address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts. The Center brings together companies, academic institutions, public agencies and civil society, to ensure a broad and deep exchange on AI related issues.

Telia Company is a founding partner of the AI Sustainability Center together with among others Microsoft, Atomico and Bonnier.The initiative has also attracted considerable brainpower in Swedish academia fas well as public agencies like the Swedish tax authority.

“AI can enhance many technology solutions from smart city applications to intuitive digital assistants, so it is essential that as we leverage AI’s strengths, we have a proactive approach to identifying and managing risks. Telia Company embraces the Center’s cross sectoral and collaborative approach to support human centric AI development in the Nordics,” says Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing at Division X, Telia Company.

The Center will together with partners develop operational frameworks that identify and proactively address pitfalls and the wider ethical implications of AI, as well as conduct multidisciplinary research in this space. It will also guide companies, tech start-ups, regulators and policymakers to make human-centric decisions in the AI area.

While initially launching in Sweden, the Center plans to quickly broaden its reach.

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