Telia Company Enables Smart waste collection in Bornholm with NB-IoT


Telia Company has secured its first Danish commercial narrowband IoT contract. The solution will let waste treatment company Bofa digitally know when it’s time to empty connected waste bins. This enables the company to optimize its route planning thus lowering CO2-emissions and maintenance costs.

68 waste bins in an area with summer houses in the Danish island Bornholm are now connected to Telia Company’s nationwide narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network. The bins will now notify waste treatment company Bofa when it’s time to empty them.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new communication technology that enables excellent coverage indoors, outdoors and in the ground. It is ideal for things that run on battery or only sends data irregularly. NB-IoT opens up for completely new solutions and features as it allows for devices to be installed and connected in places that previously lacked coverage or were difficult to maintain regularly, such as far below ground or in the mountains.
Telia Company is the first operator to deploy NB-IoT across the entire Nordics.

The new contract in Bornholm enables Bofa to optimize its route planning thus lowering CO2-emissions and maintenance costs.

“One of the advantages of NB-IoT is its extremely low power consumption which allows us to use sensors whose lifespan exceeds the lifespan of the waste bins. This eliminates the risk of power outage. At the same time, the NB-IoT network has both a longer range and better penetration compared to conventional mobile networks,” says Thomas Kjærsgaard, Head of Enterprise at Telia Denmark.

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