Telia Company Becomes Azure Networking MSP Partner

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Telia Company has become a Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Service Provider, or an MSP, as part of the Microsoft Partner program. This means Telia can now offer managed network services for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud platform.

Becoming an Azure Networking MSP enables Telia to develop managed services within the Azure network. This includes network transformation, connectivity, performance monitoring and security for Azure traffic. These services are offered through the Azure Marketplace, enabling Telia to reach new customers through a new global channel.

Microsoft Azure

Telia will also be able to offer end-to-end management of Azure Virtual WAN services — the Microsoft connectivity service for B2B customers in the Azure Cloud. This, in turn, reinforces the Telia SD-WAN’s value proposition for multi-cloud connectivity and application visibility end-to-end.

“This designation shows Telia’s commitment to support its business customers on their journey to the cloud,” says Erik Asplund, Head of Connectivity at Telia Company. “As a network-first digital services company, we are positioned as a full-stack provider, supporting our customers end-to-end on their journey to the cloud via our Software Defined Connectivity Services. This enables to provide our customers with enriched managed services to support their cloud strategies for even more flexible, resilient and sustainable business.”

Telia will develop additional managed services within the Azure cloud, aiming to further enable businesses to overcome challenges through a full set of cloud and hybrid networking services from Azure’s portfolio. Therefore, Telia can offer capabilities to manage all cloud connectivity, from the local partner site through to the cloud network.

“We welcome Telia Company as a Microsoft Azure Networking MSP,” says Sunil Kishen, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. “Businesses can now benefit from Telia Company’s extensive networking expertise and service capabilities to leverage the power of Telia SD-WAN’s first cloud connectivity, combined with the Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN automation value proposition. The Azure networking managed services for our mutual customers will reinforce customers’ autonomy and agility from the edge to the cloud.”