Telekom, TRUMPF Partner to Enable Innovative Tracking System

Telekom, TRUMPF Partner to Enable Innovative Tracking System

Telekom Deutschland, T-Systems and TRUMPF have been working together for some time in the field of positioning systems for networked industry. The partners have now signed a cooperation agreement that will facilitate the joint market launch.

The solution offered by the partners enables productivity increases and cost savings, particularly for companies in the production and logistics sectors. The companies benefit from the combined industry and digitalization expertise of the partnership.

Telekom, TRUMPF Partner to Enable Innovative Tracking System

Innovative tracking system

The partners offer their customers the Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) developed by TRUMPF, which can be used to track the position of mobile objects in real time. These can be autonomous transport systems or transport containers, for example.

TRUMPF relies on ultra-wideband technology (UWB), which enables precise positioning with an accuracy of 10 to 30 centimetres – both indoors and outdoors. Permanently installed receivers, also known as satellites, communicate with mobile transmitters or tags. The transmitted position data is processed by powerful software. Customer applications can access this data via standardized interfaces and use it accordingly.

The RTLS solution is provided by T-Systems on an edge cloud and integrated into the customer systems. Data can be transmitted flexibly via both the public 5G network and Deutsche Telekom’s 5G campus networks. This eliminates the need for LAN cabling of the UWB satellites.

Customers benefit from standards

The jointly implemented solution is based on the open “omlox” standard. This enables the combination and use of end devices from different manufacturers. Customers benefit from significantly more flexibility and cost savings, as this standard allows them to avoid dependence on proprietary systems. The economic success component can be seen in the first successfully implemented projects with a return on investment (ROI) of less than one year.
Real-time localization is becoming increasingly important for successful digitalization and is already being used effectively by cooperation partners. As a key technology, it supports digital transformation in important areas such as production, logistics and healthcare. The ability to localize objects and resources in real time enables more efficient automation and control of processes, greater transparency, more security and more precise planning. In the manufacturing industry, material flows can be optimized and bottlenecks reduced. In logistics, the solution improves the accuracy of shipment tracking and enables a faster response to changes in supply chain management. In the healthcare sector, too, real-time tracking supports the management of medical devices or the optimization of resource utilization.

Klaus Werner, Managing Director Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland: “We as Telekom Deutschland and T-Systems have very good access to customers, from medium-sized companies to major customers. We see great interest when we can demonstrate solutions that our customers can use to improve processes and productivity. Localization in realtime is a crucial element in the overall picture of digitization. Current studies show that it is no longer individual technologies that lead to success, but the customized integration of different technologies that masters the challenges of our customers.”

Eberhard Wahl, Managing Director of TRUMPF Tracking Technologies: “With Deutsche Telekom, we have the ideal partner at our side, both for access to the customer and as an expert in mobile networking. In addition, we have already identified more than 200 use cases for the industry in the omlox community.”

Successful pilot tests

In a pilot phase, an automotive manufacturer and a supplier were able to demonstrate the benefits of the solution in live operation. A previous market study had already identified the need for a tracking solution based on open standards.

TRUMPF has already been using the solution successfully in its plants in Europe and America for several years. The installation at the Ditzingen plant can also be viewed by visitors. In addition, the solution has been successfully installed in the Telekom Industry Hub in Berlin and can be presented live to customers there.