Telekom Malaysia taps Telefónica Tech to strengthen cybersecurity offerings


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), via its enterprise and public sector business solutions arm, TM ONE, recently signed Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Telefónica Tech, through Telefónica Global Solutions.

The partnership aims to strengthen its digital infrastructure solutions which enables TM ONE to offer global cybersecurity solutions for the Malaysian Enterprise and Public Sector against cyber threats.

The MSA was signed by Ahmad Taufek Omar, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of TM ONE, and Julio Beamonte, Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica Global Solutions.

The MSA in place will enable TM ONE to further develop and implement a global cybersecurity strategy for Malaysian market. Telefónica Tech will provide consultancy to support and build a holistic cybersecurity program for the development of TM ONE Global Cyber Security Operations Centre (G-CSOC). This includes training in cybersecurity services to increase the digital intelligence and skillset of its local workforce.

Commenting on the latest collaboration, Ahmad Taufek said, “We are excited to partner with Telefónica, a renowned global telco to bring world-class solutions to our customers. As part of TM Group, we continuously strengthen our digital infrastructure to further facilitate the adoption of digital technologies, leveraging on Cloud and cybersecurity. This will enable us to offer end-to-end products and solutions that enhance digital lifestyle and provide complete business solutions. With CYDEC, TM ONE is well primed to empower and accelerate the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL) agenda and provide cyber resiliency through connectivity, cloud, data centres and cybersecurity.”

Ahmad Taufek added, “The accelerated business digital transformation comes with its accompanying cybersecurity risk and vulnerabilities. Organisations need to protect and safeguard their business, customer data and brand reputation from cybercriminals. So it is essential for organisations to understand their capability and capacity to detect and respond to a cyberattack. They need to have the right tools, process and, above all the people which refers to a team of cyber-intelligence experts or security analysts ready at all times.”

Meanwhile, Julio Beamonte, Chief Executive Officer at Telefónica Global Solutions, said: “This project affirms our commitment to our customers, providing them with the best quality services anywhere in the world, thus contributing to improve their customer offers in the markets where they operate “.

María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech, said: “At Telefónica Tech we have the knowledge and experience to offer the cybersecurity services needed to protect companies in this new wave of digitalisation. Our global approach is a strategic advantage for these companies in their markets and a clear step forward for the telco sector as a whole”.

TM ONE CYDEC is a fully Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that offers real-time visibility via predictive protection across private and public networks with G-CSOC, a 24/7 monitoring centre of cyber threats with Active Cyber Defence (ACD) and Global Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). It is a complete suite of security services that brings multiple benefits including protection of brand and reputation, online fraud and minimise business disruptions.

TM ONE CYDEC includes professional services such as consulting and advisory services to help enterprises and public sector to define their cybersecurity strategy for a secured digital transformation. Adopting renowned frameworks such as MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), CYDEC offers a complete and holistic view of an organisation’s security landscape that delivers the ability to detect, prevent, respond and recover to cyber threats effectively.

With CYDEC, organisations can effortlessly ensure that in-house IT resources can focus on the core business. By leveraging CYDEC’s pool of security professionals and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, organisations can allocate more time and resources to their internal team, enabling sustained focus on business-critical areas, such as data security, identity monitoring and internal threat hunting across systems.