Telekom launches ‘Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom’ Campaign

Telekom launches 'Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom' Campaign

With the “Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom”, Deutsche Telekom is launching the latest chapter in its years of commitment to Generation Z in Europe.

Young people in particular are faced with huge challenges nowadays as a result of circumstances relating to the economy, environment, education policies, and society in general.

Telekom launches 'Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom' Campaign

With all this in mind, Deutsche Telekom is appealing to this generation with a youth campaign in its European markets. At the heart of this campaign is the aspiration to lend them support in all that they do and how they want to live their lives. The “Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom” is being kicked off with a launch event on June 1, 2023 in Vienna.

“The rejuvenation of our brand and maintaining a credible, sustainable position with young people are both key concerns for us. As young people continue to face unprecedented pressures, preserving their universal right to be young should be a priority,” explains Ulrich Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom. “Deutsche Telekom is committed to showing our support for the younger generation, providing them with exceptional cultural moments through which to experience the real joy of youth.”

On this note, Deutsche Telekom is ringing out the first sounds of a summer of joy, youth and freedom. The campaign will be taking place across all of Deutsche Telekom’s European markets this summer. These include Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. The initiative will be launched on the German market in August. Other activities aimed at young people will start as early as June. More details will be announced soon.

The “Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom” will open up access to some of the most famous festivals in Europe. This includes Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Electric Castle (Romania), Ohrid Calling (North Macedonia), INOTA Festival (Hungary), and much more.

There will also be a series of exclusive open-air events and club nights curated and hosted by international music program Electronic Beats. Young people can find more information on the platform developed specially for the campaign:

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Collaboration with Jayda G

Acting as an ambassador for the initiative is GRAMMY-nominated artist and environmental activist Jayda G. “Music was my lifeline growing up. To protect youth culture, ensuring access to real world music experiences is so important. And to play a part, alongside Deutsche Telekom, in providing an escape from the pressures on the youth of today, is such a joy.”

The musician will ring in the campaign’s launch on June 1 with a musical performance in Vienna. The “Summer of Joy, Youth and Freedom” will start off with an open-air concert at USUS am Wasser, with a fully European line-up which will also include FIONA and Wolfram.

Artists from Vienna’s own music collectives “Grüß Dich Bussi Bussi Club” and “Kein Sonntag ohne Techno” will also turn up the heat on this summer of music.

Deutsche Telekom has invited young people from many parts of Europe to come together to celebrate the first night of joy, youth, and freedom.

A strong visual presence

Deutsche Telekom’s communication strategy will place an emphasis on digital content. The target group-specific content will only be published over social networks. The initiative will have a strong visual presence with its campaign film featuring Jayda G and inspired by the world-famous story of Peter Pan. A personal connection will be created through collaborations with Gen Z creatives on social media.

The campaign film was directed by the prize-winning duo, BRTHR, who have previously worked with the likes of THE WEEKND, PinkPantheress, and CHARLI XCX. The campaign was developed, designed, and created by Saatchi & Saatchi, London.