Telefónica, NTT DATA integrate 5G in CIE Automotive’s internal logistics


Telefónica and NTT DATA are executing a proof of concept (PoC) with CIE Automotive, a global automotive supplier. At its facilities in Itziar (Guipúzcoa), a 5G intralogistics management platform has been developed and is being implemented as an integrating and enabling solution for the automation of the transport of finished products from the end of the production line to the warehouse.

The objective of the solution is to increase the flexibility, efficiency and traceability of internal logistics processes through the intelligent management of multiple sensors and mobile devices, such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots).

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The solution is designed for customers in various industrial segments such as automotive, manufacturing, distribution centers and ports, among others, to gain capacity in the automation of their production processes.

The technology provided by Telefónica and NTT DATA facilitates the incorporation and management of mobile robots, providing a scalable platform that helps to improve internal logistics processes, thanks to the sustainable incorporation of different types of mobile autonomous devices, integrating them into the management systems and other sensors of an industrial plant, and providing the user with visibility and control of all operations in real time via 5G, a key element due to the large volume of information, the density of devices, the large coverage required by this type of space and the immediacy required by the entire intralogistics ecosystem.

NTT DATA contributes with its portfolio of technology solutions applied to supply chain and manufacturing, considering the use of digitisation capabilities, analytics and business management solutions, such as SAP, to integrate, centralise and process information from the production process and the AGV navigation system.

For its part, Telefónica, through its Telefónica Tech and Telefónica Empresas subsidiaries, provides its Industry 4.0 capabilities, connectivity and partner ecosystem to develop a scalable solution that integrates 5G-enabled operational process automation capabilities. It relies on its partner DTA, a leading provider of industrial mobility technology, to offer AMR devices that can be integrated into the intralogistics platform and are enabled to communicate via 5G.

The technology provided by Telefónica and NTT DATA facilitates the incorporation and management of mobile robots, thus enabling flexible automation of internal logistics processes and giving the end user full visibility and control of the operation. The platform has the ability to integrate with factory systems and signals and intelligently manage orders for optimal orchestration of autonomous mobile robots of multiple brands and types.

Jon Ezkerra, R&D project coordinator of the CIE Automotive group, highlights that “The proof of concept being developed in collaboration with Telefónica and NTT Data will be validated in one of the automated welding cells for the manufacture of fuel rails at the CIE Norma plant located in Itziar (Gipuzkoa) and will connect through the use of 5G technology with the plant’s management system to perform intra-logistics movement via AGVs, will allow connection through the use of 5G technology, with the plant’s management system to carry out intra-logistical movement by means of AGVs, establishing the continuous flow of supply and collection of finished product packaging for stacking at height in the warehouse.”

Andrés Escribano, director of New Business and Industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech, said: “This initiative will allow us to bring logistics automation solutions to many of our customers in a simple and flexible way. The application of 5G connectivity will help to solve the challenges faced in this field of Industry 4.0.”

Marc Guimerá Vicente, partner of the Telecommunications Sector at NTT DATA, said: “This initiative is an example of how a solution leveraging the capabilities of 5G technology brings tangible benefits and great advantages when it comes to digitising and connecting productive operations in various sectors. For NTT DATA Spain it is key to work together with a technology partner such as Telefónica Tech to develop 5G use cases and offer services and solutions that support our customers in their daily challenges and sustainable growth.”

NTT DATA and Telefónica will evolve and industrialise the solution with the aim of making it available to all its customers. The roadmap envisages the integration of more connected factory and fleet management functionalities, as well as increasing the integration interface with other AGV/AMR systems.