Telefónica, NTT DATA bringing 5G to the Port of Málaga


Telefónica and NTT DATA, the world’s sixth largest IT services company, are collaborating on the development of a cutting-edge technology solution for the Port of Málaga using the full capabilities of advanced 5G communications.

The goal set with the Port of Málaga is to control in real time the accesses of different types of vessels at the mouth of the port.

The project focuses primarily on security and will deploy a solution that will record the events associated with each vessel to generate valuable information to port staff on those vessels that are not allowed to transit.

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For this solution, NTT DATA has contributed its portfolio of port technology solutions, considering the use of analytical and artificial intelligence capabilities to extract valuable information from the events that will be captured with cutting-edge cameras and 5G communications components. As for Telefónica, it is supplying its 5G communications network in the city of Málaga and its VDC Edge node in Andalusia so the data can be processed near the port location. The node will also host other essential applications and network functions.

The technology provided by Telefónica and NTT DATA makes it possible to identify vessels that do not have permission to access the port, through 4K video that is processed on a high-performance device at the Edge node using both computer vision and analytical modelling. Real-time information processing will enable the generation of useful alarms for port personnel, with a clear focus on early detection and the launch of the actions required according to protocol.

This use case joins the some 80 such cases under way since 2018, the year in which Telefónica launched 5G Tech Cities, which includes Málaga, a pioneering initiative in Spain to boost 5G with its application in real customers.

Industrialisation of the solution

As part of this collaboration and depending on the project results, NTT DATA and Telefónica will study the possible industrialisation of the solution with the aim of including it in Telefónica’s portfolio of 5G solutions for Spanish ports.

Irene Bernal, Director of Connectivity Innovation at Telefónica, explains: “For Telefónica’s Connectivity Innovation area, it is essential to explore with our customers, in this case the Port of Málaga, just how Telefónica’s 5G can help the digital transformation of public administrations and companies, and that is why it is so important to have first class technology partners onboard, such as NTT DATA. We want to make our technological capabilities available to our customers by innovating on the best 5G network in Spain”.

Teodoro López Palacios, a partner in NTT DATA’s Telecommunications Sector, says: “This initiative is an example of how 5G technology and its capabilities can bring great benefits and advantages to the port sector and improving its operations. For NTT DATA Spain it is essential to work alongside Telefónica as a true technology partner in the development of 5G use cases that allow Spain to stand among the most advanced countries in obtaining clear benefits from using the capabilities offered by this new technology”