Telefónica, Arad partner to offer IoT solution for managing water consumption

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Telefónica, a global enabler in the provision of IoT solutions, and ARAD, the world’s leading group in the sector of intelligent water meters, have signed a global partnership agreement for the commercialisation of a new intelligent solution for measuring water consumption.

It is a comprehensive solution based on NB-IoT and CAT-M1 technologies, which are within the 3GPP standards, specifically designed for Massive IoT that allows for the connection of billions of devices and machines to the Internet.

The agreement will allow water supply companies to provide a solution that combines the best electronic water meters with accurate measurements, thanks to metrological capabilities, IoT connectivity and a device management platform with advanced data analytics capabilities. This will enable companies to save costs on their current operations and investment in new assets.

The solution collects and processes the data generated by the water meters and the advanced analytics provides, among other things, predictive maintenance and remote detection of incidents. It also facilitates the treatment of consumption profiles, predicting demand or customisation of supply to customers.

It is also a scalable and secure solution capable of meeting all the sector’s requirements, and is complemented by other IoT solutions developed by Telefónica for their application in all the infrastructures that make up the water distribution chain.

“This agreement will provide both groups with technological cooperation and new business opportunities in the NB-IoT and Massive IoT sectors thanks to the advantages brought by new technologies, such as LPWA, which enable, among others, longer battery life or better signal penetration in complex environments,” said Gabriel Yankovitz, CEO of the ARAD Group.

“This is a very important step in the digital transformation of utilities. Not only will it allow them to save costs and increase revenues, but also provide greater satisfaction for customers who are increasingly demanding the digitalisation of this type of services and a more sustainable management”, said Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT Officer of Telefónica.

In this sense, the solution will help water companies not only to better understand consumption patterns but also to manage more effectively the scarcity and quality of water resources, one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDS).

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