Tele2 Offers 5G Roaming in Sweden

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Tele2 AB has launches the first 5G roaming agreement on the Swedish and Latvian market, between Tele2 Sweden and Tele2 Latvia. This means that roaming will be available for all Tele2’s 5G customers starting, June 2 2020.

Tele2 switched on Sweden’s first public 5G network on May 24 2020, which enables Tele2 customers with a Tele2 Unlimited subscription and a 5G ready phone to get free access to 5G.

Today Tele2 launches the first 5G roaming agreement, between Tele2 Sweden and Tele2 Latvia, and by that becomes the first operator in Sweden to provide international 5G compatibility to customers.

“We want to serve our customers’ continuously increasing need for connectivity and give them a superior mobile experience while traveling abroad. The launch of Sweden’s first 5G roaming agreement is an important milestone for the geographical expansion of 5G, and we will now continue to actively develop our 5G coverage and roaming capabilities”, says Thomas Helbo, Executive Vice President Technology at Tele2.

Tele2’s Swedish 5G network will from the start be available in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg and Tele2 is the only operator in Sweden that provides speed over 1 Gbit/s, in accordance with global standards.

“Tele2 customers can enjoy real 5G speeds, which is more than four times faster than 4G and 50 percent faster than what our competitors in Sweden can offer today. As soon as the current travel restrictions are lifted, we look forward to provide our customers with high-speed connectivity also outside of Sweden,” says Thomas Helbo.

Additional offers and international agreements will be presented going forward, while Tele2’s 5G roll out will continue successively throughout Sweden and the Baltics.