Telco Systems Debuts Quad-Technology Demarcation Device


Telco System’s innovative multi-purpose demarcation and aggregation device combines support for Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS, IP Layer 3 and SDN, meeting service providers’ needs now and into the future

Telco Systems, the provider of innovative SDN & NFV and multi-service Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and MPLS edge solutions, has unveiled its quad-tech demarcation device, T-Marc 3308.

Combining the four technologies of CE 2.0, MPLS, IP Layer 3 and SDN, T-Marc 3308 delivers the most cost-effective and flexible solution to communication service providers today and risk-free transitioning to the intelligent network of tomorrow.

“We are at a time of an upheaval in networking. In order to remain competitive, service providers must support current operations without so much as a hiccup while they adopt new technologies,” explained Amos Sofer, T-Marc 3308 Product Manager. “Quad-technology T-Marc 3308 paves a smooth migration path from existing Ethernet operations to tomorrow’s intelligent networks keeping our customers at the forefront of communication services.”

T-Marc 3308 comes with IP Layer 3 capability and is MEF-certified to smoothly support service providers as they operate over Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet 2.0. The device enables service providers to choose whether to use Carrier Ethernet or MPLS to the network edge without facing additional software costs.

As an MPLS demarcation device, T-Marc 3308 supports traffic engineering technologies that allow service providers to engineer data paths based on different attributes while offering the highest level of protection and ensuring fast switchover time as well as sub-50ms resiliency. For service providers who are embarking on Software-Driven Networking capabilities, T-Marc 3308 is ready to bring OpenFlow and NETCONF to intelligent, SDN-enabled networks.

T-Marc 3308 is suitable for wholesale and business service providers to connect their customers efficiently between sites and into the cloud. To allow service providers to cope more efficiently with the increased demand for a more diverse range of services, T-Marc 3308 allows them to benefit from the multiplexed nature of Carrier Ethernet while assuring SLA requirements during traffic congestion. Additionally, T-Marc 3308 supports zero-touch provisioning to reduce the costs of connecting new customers.

T-Marc 3308 offers superior value for performance in a compact size (1RU by ½ shelf width) and includes a variety of fiber ports. It comes with an internal power supply and an optional external redundant AC power supply for smooth implementation in virtually any scenario.