TekSavvy Selects Calix to Elevate FTTH Experience in Canada


Calix, Inc. announced that Canadian broadband internet service provider TekSavvy has selected the Revenue EDGE solution to differentiate its brand and service offerings and deliver an exceptional broadband experience to subscribers on its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

A fast-growing and disruptive force in the Canadian market, TekSavvy will grow its value with the introduction of its Home WiFi Pro offering, a premium-level managed Wi-Fi service that leverages the comprehensive capabilities of the Revenue EDGE. Overall, this investment in the Revenue EDGE will enable TekSavvy to boost levels of subscriber satisfaction and support while elevating its brand, further setting it apart from competitors.

Digital Innovation

TekSavvy FTTH subscribers will benefit from the powerful Wi-Fi 6 connectivity of the GigaSpire® BLAST, which they can control through the Home WiFi Pro Mobile App—the service provider’s branded version of the CommandIQ® mobile app. Soon, TekSavvy will also offer subscribers an enhancement to their experience beyond managed Wi-Fi by adding EDGE Suites—ProtectIQ™ for advanced network security and ExperienceIQ™ for quality-of-service and parental controls. Calix customers have achieved incredible results thanks to their investment in the Revenue EDGE, including 99 percent adoption of premium Wi-Fi services, 74 percent adoption of the CommandIQ mobile app, and nearly 60 percent adoption of the apps in EDGE Suites.

“Our decision to go with Calix is aligned with our track record for always acting in the best interest of our subscribers,” said Charlie Burns, chief technology officer for TekSavvy. “With the Revenue EDGE, we can further differentiate ourselves in the market with a combination of deep insights, powerful Wi-Fi, and a mobile app that puts our brand front and center. We will continue to invest heavily in our subscribers’ experience, exciting them with services they want and need and fostering strong relationships that will grow the value of our business for years to come.”

For more than two decades, TekSavvy has delivered award-winning telecom services that prioritize the needs of consumers. As a leading provider offering fiber broadband services to the previously underserved area of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, the company has worked tirelessly to bridge the digital divide—and plans to invest an additional $250 million in broadband infrastructure by 2026. In a market defined by a few large players, TekSavvy is the country’s largest independent internet service provider, presenting critical competition and a high-quality alternative for Canadians coast-to-coast.

“TekSavvy is a phenomenal example of an industry disruptor—a smart, outspoken, subscriber-first network operator leading the way by embracing industry best practices and cutting-edge offerings,” said Alan Lieff, vice president of sales for Calix. “We need more service providers willing to deploy aggressively and invest in exciting their subscribers. With the Revenue EDGE, TekSavvy can deliver an unparalleled experience while positioning itself to drive new and differentiated revenue streams, create loyal subscribers and attract new ones, all while reinforcing the value of its brand. We are excited to be working with TekSavvy and look forward to growing this partnership as it continues to place Canadian broadband subscribers first.”