TeenSafe Review: The Best App to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone


Have you ever felt like your kid is hiding something from you? Well, you need to look out for these signs. Although kids tend to hide things as they grow up, you still might wanna make sure everything is going right in their life. That is where the phone monitoring applications come into play.


These applications help parents to track their kid’s online activities without having to tell them about it. However, most parents were unable to use such applications due to the lack of technical knowledge.

Hence, we have found an application that is easy to use and requires no extra knowledge to work. Additionally, the application is safe for tracking any device. You can read more here to know about this application in our review.

TeenSafe is the application that we are talking about. So, let’s go ahead and discuss a few exciting things about this application and learn how you can use it.

TeenSafe: The Best Cell Phone Tracker

With the increasing popularity of phone monitoring applications, TeenSafe has found its user base. It is an application that provides the tools to access someone’s device data. Parents use the advanced features of this application to monitor their kid’s activities.

TeenSafe’s website is popular because it does not require any technical knowledge to use this application. Parents with little or no experience with advanced tools can use it to protect their kid’s from online frauds. That is why the application provides an easy installation guide for its users.

Parents can open that guide and follow the three steps to monitor any device they want. Additionally, it allows them to watch multiple devices from a single device. 

It does not even require you to root or jailbreak the targeted device. People who know about the problems caused by rooting can understand why this application is an excellent fit for them.

After getting published in Forbes, TechRadar, and PCMag, this application has seen a significant boost in its user base.

Why Choose TeenSafe?

You can find hundreds of phone monitoring applications on the internet. Some of them are even free to use. However, millions of people still prefer TeenSafe. It is because of the security and privacy offered by this application.

Using free applications can do some severe damage to your device. Additionally, those applications ask you to root the device before damaging it. Hence, it is better to use this simple application to stay on the safe side.

Additionally, there are many advanced tools exclusively on TeenSafe’s website. The tools include Keylogger, location, tracker, call logs tracker, and many other features.

How Effective is it?

TeenSafe has a success rate of 97%. It means that you can access your kid’s iPhone with this application without any worries. Additionally, you can claim your money-back guarantee, in case the application does not work for you.

With such advanced tools, you can use any of these features to monitor your kid’s device. 

Feature of TeenSafe

TeenSafe keeps updating its features to improve the customer experience. Hence you can check their website for the full list of features.

However, Here are some of the most advanced features of TeenSafe:

Advanced Keylogger: Keylogger is a powerful tool that allows you to record every text from the targeted device. It works in the background and records all the messages and passwords, whenever a person types it on their device. This way, parents can track their kid’s messages on their iPhone devices.

Location Tracker: Tracking an iPhone sounds like a lot of work. However, this tool takes a few seconds to show the real-time location of your kid’s iPhone.

Social media tracker: This tool will show all the messages from social media accounts on your kid’s iPhone. It works with WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and all other applications.

Call logs viewer: It allows you to check all the call stats from your kid’s iPhone. You can also record their live calls without letting them know.

How does It work?

The working of this application is quite simple. It requires you to create a free account on its website. After that, you can verify the email address through the link received on it. It offers different memberships to choose the right services for you. Choose any one of them and proceed to the next step.

Then, you can enter your kid’s details like their name, age, and iCloud credentials. It will find the device from their iCloud account and will connect it to your online account.

The process may take a few minutes to complete. However, your kid can not find about the process as you do not need to touch their iPhone in the whole process.

Once the verification is completed, you can log in to your TeenSafe’s account and find all the tools under the dashboard. These tools will show all the related data with a single click.

The best thing is that you can log in to your online account from any browser. This way, you can avoid installing an application on your device as well.

All the retrieved data is saved on your online account temporarily. Hence, you do not need to worry about your kid’s privacy either. However, some features will help you monitor their activities even if you are not online.

You can visit their website to learn more about stealth mode and other features.

Final Words

We can not think of a better application than TeenSafe to monitor a kid’s iPhone. It is safe, reliable, and works without performing a jailbreak on the device. Additionally, the membership plans are affordable and provide easy access to any device.

You can also check a demo version of its features on the website. On the homepage, click on view demo to use a sample device for it.